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We love Angie!

Angie Bailey is an award-winning writer, blogger, humorist, and professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association. She’s the author of whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds and Catladyland, which won the Best Humor Blog in the 2013 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards and Funniest Pet Blog in the 2011 Petties Awards. She is a regular columnist for, the creator of Texts from Mittens, and half of the comedy web series production team of 82 South St. Productions, LLC.

Top 10 Popular Cat Blogs



Cat blogs rock! (Photo:

Cat blogs rock! (Photo:

Just as we brought you the 10 Paw-tastic, Popular Doggie Blogs, of course we had to continue the fun search for the 10 Puuurrrfect Kitty Blogs. Here you’ll find blogs with various content featuring tips on taking photos of your cat, to the important care of older felines, all the way to videos, and interactive e-cards! (Presented in no particular order.)


Now this is right up my alley! First and foremost writers Megan (aka Pixelcat) and Corrinne (Hellcat) of MODCATLOVE represent the younger generation of cat lovers. Their admiration, or obsession (as stated) for cats has brought a very down to earth-like vibe for both younger and older generations. Personally, it’s nice to hear from someone that is in the same boat as I am, in regards to being young with cats, of course. Topics here are ones that make you think and are genuinely enjoyed. For instance, have you ever wondered why cats are so affectionate in the bathroom? Well, if you thought yours were the only ones, think again. Megan points out that it’s definitely a common occurrence…especially for her four cats.

Check out : Cats are extra affectionate in the bathroom


If you love to laugh, which I’m sure most are qualified, you need need need to check out CATLADYLAND . Is your cat a Big-tipper, a Bow-didley, or a Heavy-Weight Boxer that enjoys Instant-Messaging, Kickboxing, or has his Licker License?  You may be wondering what I’m referring to, or if I’ve just been staring at my computer screen for too long; but I’m actually using the  Fanglish Cat Slang.What’s that, you may ask? Award winning author and free-lance writer, Angie Bailey is the genius behind this particular kitty language. In human english I just asked, “ Is your cat one who tips over glasses, steals bows, or is a large cat lying in a box, who enjoys walking over keyboards while you’re on the computer, kicks the litter out of the litter box, or allows himself to lick dirty pans in the sink?” Very humorous, Angie seems to have a clever way with words, as this only one example of the work on her page.

Take a look at the rest of the  Fanglish Cat Slang 


JL Smith, Animaniac, as she calls herself, is an advocate and an educator to the pet-lover world, and the blogger of THOUGHTSFURPAWS. Upfront and honest, this author ties in a little bit of everything from pet awareness, to pet photo contests, and just random cute, pet stuff. I’m a firm believer in spreading the word for a good cause, and she does exactly that.  November was Pet Cancer Awareness Month, and with assistance, JL Smith, heightens everyone senses of  the warning signs of cancer in pets. Did you know that 1 in 5 cats will be diagnosed? That number is too close to home,and being a cat parent myself, it grasped my attention. Some people don’t realize that illnesses within humans are many times, found in cats as well. More power to JL Smith for her advocacy!

Take a look at: 10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Pets


MOUSEBREATH is an award-winning magazine for everything cat lovers could possibly desire. Ranging from entertainment, humor, cat art and crafting, meditation and much more, this meow-gazine is definitely bound to catch the reader’s eye. Max Thompson, Feline Life Coach, also known as the Psycho kitty, has his own column on Mousebreath; and in my experience, the first and only kitty with an archive such as this one. Sarcastic, funny, and incorporating some mushy feline talk, Max answers all of the questions other cats struggle to answer. Whether they desire a manipulative answer on a method to have their litter box cleaned swiftly, or how to get holiday presents, this kitty has it covered.

Now that’s my kind of cat!

Check out the Ask Max archive!


Written by four cats, and their owner Amy, the main focus of this blog is purely to welcome kitty admirers.With assisting in animal rescue, and sharing adorable-and I mean, adorable photos and videos, you can’t help but tilt your head to the right and blurt out an “aww…” The title of the Blog, LOVEMEOW, says it all.  In a recent post, Buddy, a now four year old kitty, has been walking Richard Libby to his job everyday since he was a kitten. The smart feline friend assists him at the job site, and of course walks him home when his shift is completed.  Next assignment for me: Teach Sadie how to drive me to work! Hey, anything’s possible, right?

Check it out : Cat Accompanies Human To Work Every Day


This group for CUTEOVERLOAD was derived by boingboing one fine day. Receiving a ton of submissions of  lovable, squoosh-able animal pictures, posts were created and now their blog is widely viewed. Want to laugh? Or how about pout ? The pictures on this blog are so mushy that you can’t think of any other face to make. Pictures seem so un-meowably real, it’s hard not to go through all of their posts. An interesting comparison between kittys and pinup girls can be found on this blog. Marilyn Monroe…kitty style?

Take a look at: Caturday Cats that Look Like Pinup Girls


Stephanie Harwin, professional writer and blogger, brings fun content to the kitty world. Winning several different awards, she’s traveled from Paris, to the US, to kitty litter facials (segment was featured on Dr. Oz), Stephanie has the latest gossip, including the newest of news pertaining to cats-even pertaining to celebrities. This is definitely not your typical blog, as Ms. CATSPARELLA, really does her research.Think of it as a classy Cosmopolitan. Recently, there was a German debatable candy…yes debatable- chocolate cat tongue. What?! You’ll be beyond happy to know that Katzenzungen, is strictly made of chocolate. No cat tongue involved.

Read more here: Cat Got Your Katzenzungen Cat Tongue Chocolates?


Internet marketer and blogger of PAWFUN, BL Ochman is most importantly the mommy to Noni the kitty and to Benny Bix, her chocolate Labrador. Hitting on practically any topic one can think of from animal communication, to pet art, and of course, the fun videos, what’s not to love? Speaking of videos, one of which, was the Fireman saves Kitten video that went viral recently. Watch how an unconscious kitty was rescued from a smoke-filled house.  On another note, if you love love love to show off your little furry friend, then PAWFUN has a new application to do just that. You can create your own E-card with captions and decor…even glasses!

Check out both articles: Fireman Saves kitten: video goes viral & Use your pet photo to create and send cards


Earning money through Sponsorship, ROMEOTHECAT, has been able to raise $85,000 for animals in need. Although she claims her two cats are in charge, Caroline Golon is the author who follows their direction. Her inspiration was born when she adopted her own two kittys at a pet rescue in Indiana. The reason as to why this blog was created hit a soft spot in my heart alone-the articles just happen to pretty darn good as well! Personally, when I attempt to get Sadie to pose for the camera, it’s a hit or miss with her. Sometimes she’ll be an ultimate diva, other times she doesn’t want to be bothered-and she lets me know it! Not only is ROMEOTHECAT created for a good cause, in addition, they now have a solution to my photo dilemma -purrrfect.-especially now that the holidays are here!The staff got together with professional pet photographer, and scooped up 5 great tips!

Take a peak: Holiday Photos with Pets 


Jenny Dean, a rag doll cat lover, created a blog, FLOPPYCATS , to mainly focus on Ragdoll cats; however don’t be intimidated if you’re not a Ragdoll owner-any cat breed lover is welcome! Wanting to bridge the gap between Ragdoll owners who enjoy websites pertaining to this breed ,and to Ragdoll owners who perform in cat shows, she does just that. Including product reviews, give aways, and informative information, there’s way more than just specifics on the Ragdoll breed. Recently, she had guest poster, Lorie Huston, discuss geriatric cats. I know for me, I’m not good with detachment when it comes to certain people, and of course, my pets. In a way, I’m kind of scared of aging, but that’s simply my own stuff. But what about when your cat, or any pet for that matter, starts to age? Just as with a human, there are ways to maintain you’re cats comfortability and health.

Check out: Living With a Geriatric Cat

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We love Angie!

Angie Bailey is an award-winning writer, blogger, humorist, and professional member of the Cat Writers’ Association. She’s the author of whiskerslist: the kitty classifieds and Catladyland, which won the Best Humor Blog in the 2013 BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging & Social Media Awards and Funniest Pet Blog in the 2011 Petties Awards. She is a regular columnist for, the creator of Texts from Mittens, and half of the comedy web series production team of 82 South St. Productions, LLC.

5 Pet Friendly Hotel Chains

5 Pet Friendly Hotel Chains


Every pet loves a vacay! (

Every pet loves a vacay! (

After doing some research, and making a few calls to get specifics, we were able to bring you the Top 5 Hotel Chains that are Pet Friendly. You’ll never have to travel again without your furry friend -that way the two of you (or more) can hit the paws button, and enjoy your time away.

Pet massage, love it. (Photo:

Pet massage, love it. (Photo:


Loews Hotels have made it very clear that they more than welcome your furry, four-legged friend. In fact, feel free to sign them up with their VIP service. That’s right; I’ve said it, their Very Important Pet program. This hotel has it covered. Leave your pet supplies at home, as they provide their own. And when I say their own, they don’t forget a thing. Included is an award winning chef that creates several gourmet meals from menu options to choose from. In addition, litter boxes, pooper scoopers, placemats, leashes, scratching posts, and beds are all issued. And don’t stress, they have professional pet sitters and walkers if need be. Impressive, isn’t it? I thought so too, if I must say so. Some locations even offer professional canine massages. Only $50 additional fee is required (not per night, per stay), and you really can’t beat it! Can vacation get any better than this? Your pet will thank you!

I love a fluffy hotel bed! (Photo:

I love a fluffy hotel bed! (Photo:

Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels and Resorts believe that your pet should be treated with luxury, just as their human guests. Being one of the biggest hotel chains in the world, just a few of Starwood’s franchises and famous chains include: the W Hotel ,the Westin Hotel, the Sheraton, the St. Regis, and the Le Meridien. Although each location provides their own special amenities for pets, the important fact is that every location welcomes them. You don’t have to worry about getting turned down because you have a furry loved one. Some locations include more features than others.  For example. Their Downtown NYC location of The W created the P.A.W. program-PAWS ARE WELCOME. Each pet receives a pet welcome kit, a pet toy, a luxury W Hotel pet bed, a vet and grooming service, and much more. Are you celebrating their birthday?  Purrrrfect, because a pet birthday cake will be included!

Cat friendly hotel bed! Puuurrrrrrfect! (Photo:

Cat friendly hotel bed! Puuurrrrrrfect! (Photo:

Hilton Hotels

Very well known, I didn’t have any doubts that the Hilton would be pet-friendly. We all know Paris Hilton loves the pooch! Similar to the list above, the Hilton provides a welcome package for your pet. Pet bowls, organic treats, biodegradable waste bags, and a designer pet pillow. There is a pet maximum of 2 animals. In reference to dogs, they can’t be any more than 75 pounds each. All you have to do is call the Hilton hotline, at 1-800-Hiltons, and reserve a pet-friendly room. They also have a list of pet actives and other amenities nearby. There is a onetime service fee of $75.00.Not bad for everything included.

Red Roof Inn

If you’re looking for a more inexpensive place to stay, the Red Roof Inn welcomes your pet. Best part about it? Free of charge! Can I get a woof woof? It’s important to have the option of taking your pet with you, if you want to do so. I budget myself, and just because I choose to do that, doesn’t mean I can’t have the things I want; I just have to be a little bit more reasonable. The rooms at the Red Roof aren’t crampy; they’re rather comfortable, as your pet will be too.

Best Western Hotels

Best Western Hotels provides over 1600 locations that offer pet friendly amenities during your stay. Get this, not only do they allow dogs, but also cats, monkeys, and birds-that’s why this had to be included!  Just call up for approval, and you shouldn’t have a problem. The maximum fee they will charge you is $100 per week, and there can be a $50 damage fee charged depending on the location. Not to worry, the fee is refundable at the end of your stay. It may not be as luxurious as other listed, but you’re almost guaranteed to find a comfortable Best Western Hotel anywhere you go to.

Now that there’s range from absolutely luxurious to budget friendly hotels, you can’t go wrong! It all depends on what type of vacation you would like to take. Why not treat your pet, as well? If you can splurge, go for it, if you need to be economical, then you can do so and have a great time. I just found the purrrfect excuse to take Sadie on a mini vacation! Woohoo!

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Ways to Hide Your Cat Litter Box

Hide your litter box under an end table with a coordinating curtain. (Photo:buzz

Hide your litter box under an end table with a coordinating curtain. (Photo:buzz

Being it’s almost the start of the New Year, I have several resolutions that I plan on sticking to. Now that I’ve moved into my new apartment, with kitty of course, and am starting to have my furniture and décor in place, I’m on the search for a way to hide the infamous litter box.

Bingo! (Photo:

Bingo! (Photo:

I’m all about reasonable, budget-friendly ideas, but I’m also for spending money where it needs to be spent. My bedroom is one of my places to relax, get away, and I’m not going to lie, I really wouldn’t mind a less-visible litter box. So, as usual, with some research, I found several creative ways to do so. Now all I have to do is make a decision!

Hidden under the stairs (Photo:

Hidden under the stairs (Photo:

Custom Cathouse (Photo:

Custom Cathouse (Photo:

If you’re into DIY projects, BUZZFEED has numerous ways on how to create a more hidden litter box. Whether you admire the idea of attaching a curtain to a side piece of furniture such as a night stand, or console, or you want to build a spot within the stair case, the ideas are there. There are instructions on how to b build a cat house with a “bathroom” for your furry loved one-it’s all here!  Very creative ideas here, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive and creative way to do so, they’ve got you covered!

Litter box hidden in a planter (

Litter box hidden in a planter (

If you’re the type of person that likes things to blend in, then offers the Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box.

Not only will it blend in as a plant, but it’s perfect for multi-cats. All you have to do? Just add the litter and maintain normally. It was created not only for décor, but built to last and help with odor. You can place a plant anywhere, so you can’t lose with this idea.

A litter box can be hidden in here. (Photo:

A litter box can be hidden in here. (Photo:

If plants aren’t your thing, Petsmart has actual furniture already built in to accent your home. From modern, to comfy, to very discreet, pieces range from $100-$849. It all depends what your preference is, and realistically how much you can and want to spend.

No litter kicked out here! (Photo:

No litter kicked out here! (Photo:

The ramp helps clean your cat's paws. (Photo:

The ramp helps clean your cat’s paws. (Photo:

Don’t mind the actual appearance of the box, but come home to an enormous amount of litter kicked out? There are various amounts and types of litter boxes found at Petco. These range from the CleverCat Entry Top Litter box, The Booda Clean Step Litter Box, and The PetMate Deluxe Enclosed LitterPan. These all aid in litter-kicking issues, which I’m very familiar with thanks to Sadie. If you would like a little more assistance, with self-cleaning, they also offer The Littermaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Box, Nature’s Miracle Self-Cleaning Box, and several more.

Now that numerous ideas have been exposed, it’s completely up to your home, your preference, and what you need. For me, because this specific need is important to me, I wouldn’t mind spending a little extra cash  than I normally would. It’s about picking, choosing, and feeling right about your decision.

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Top 10 Popular Dog Blogs



The 10 Popular Dog Blogs-nothing more than Paw-tastic!

Top 10 Popular Dog Blogs (

Top 10 Popular Dog Blogs (

We’ve  managed to do some fun searching to find you 10 interesting blogs with special emphasis on doggies. From an emotional dog wake; to doggie language; to motivating techniques for a dog’s well-being, it’s all here to assist you with your daily dose of  the pooch!

 Will My Dog Hate Me

Edie Jarolim writer, editor, and blogger comes across as a very humble author.  Skillful, with a P.H.D. in English, Edie chose the blog title based on the theme of confusion and and worry in regards to what you’re dog may be thinking. She specifically uses her mixed Terrier as part of her page-quite personal and what can be insightful to others. This particular post grasped my attention instantly. Grief of a dog or any pet for that matter is nothing out of the ordinary. They’re family, sometimes closer than your own, and it was refreshing to be reminded that it’s okay to grieve.  Edie Jarolim, well known blogger and writer of Willmydoghateme has hit the nail on the head with an inspiring celebration of her dog’s life. The author has a way with words, very courageous and honest while exposing her many emotions:

But in some ways my life feels more-or-less normal. Emptier, yes, and like something essential is missing that nags at a corner of my mind. But that deep, heart-rending grief I expected to feel during all my waking hours comes only in fleeting flashes. Is it waiting in ambush? Only time will tell.

Read the rest at:   Life after Frankie: A Dog Wake & Eulogy

 Bunk Blog 

Derived in 2011 all because of one little black pug,Bunk, BunkBlog was created due to the curiosity his paw-ents had when it came to taking care of him. There were several questions they had asked themselves, and as more knowledge was gained, the more they wanted to spread the word. Definitely  informative and interesting, there are some common, and uncommon questions answered here for any dog owner, or pet lover. Interested in finding the perfect pooch that will suit your lifestyle?  BunkBlog features an adorable list of tiny puppies that will stay forever tiny. Decision making, for me, has been a skill that I work on, on a daily basis. Being indecisive comes too naturally, so when I’m about to dive into a commitment, such as adopting a pet, I want to make sure I know as much as I can about the little furry guy that’s going to be a part of my life. For instance,  if I chose a St. Bernard, based on how adorable he looks as a baby, and  had the idea that he was always going to stay that way, I’d be quite surprised in months to come as he continued to grow. They are one of the biggest dog breeds! Or, if you’re simply just a mush like I am, this page is for you as well!

Take a look at : Top 10 dogs that stay small


Carol Bryant lives and breaths dogs; and that’s probably why she created this online magazine blog. Featured on TV and radio, this dedicated dog lover travels all over to bring doggie fans news, fashion, the latest products, and information from veterinarians themselves. If you want a little bit of everything, take a look at a Fidoseofreality. Ever wonder if your pup  really comprehends what you’re  saying?  Do you think it’s possible? Carol Bryant is here to tell you that it is. You may get the stare, you may get the head tilt, but what is really going on in that doggie mind?  Want some tips to educate your pooch? Set your tone, smile, and make sure you read this!
Check out: “Can Dogs Really Understand Human Speak” 

Go Pet Friendly

The hardest part about traveling when you have a pet, is simply that– you have a pet. GoPetFriendly takes all of the hassle of having to search for hours to find pet-welcoming hotels, beaches, and resorts. Their blog, TakePaws ,elaborates on trips taken and much more.  Can it get any simpler? Well, it just did and in more than just a traveling aspect. They’ve had opportunities to review certain hot items, and this one I couldn’t pass up. Hmm…what could it be?  As technology improves, life is eased up a bit- even for walking your dog’s waste hands-free. Yes, it’s true. Can it get any better for dog owners? TakePaws had the opportunity to pick a part this invention , and gave us all the “dirty-less’ details.

Check out the details at: “The Fifth Paw”

Patrick Mahaney

Holistic veterinarian and advocate, Dr. Patrick Mahaney definitely doesn’t fit your normal “doctor” criteria. His articles are informative, yet the topics he blogs about, keep me reading. If I need information about healthy food to feed my pet, I can find it here. If I want the latest gossip of celebrity pets, I can find it here. It’s diverse! With an intriguing segment, he manages to point out certain characteristics animal hoarders possess. Pet hoarding may seem like an uncommon issue, but the truth is, it’s not. So much so, that it followed one person to her grave-literally. Discussed is what may seem like a disturbing story; but Mahaney gets his topic across clearly after this true story makes headlines.

Must read the rest! Take a look at  “Woman Who Hoarded Cat Meets Tragic End.”

 Reiki Fur Babies

Reiki…for Dogs? Why not? Reikifurbabies utilizes professionals to improve your dog’s overall well-being based on spiritual healing. As humans, we’re always encouraged to enhance our physical, mental, and spiritual aura. Dogs need the same kind of TLC, and anything that’s going to better improve my pet’s persona, is worth a shot. Candy Boroditsky and Ming Chee-Brown collaborate together to create an ultimate experience. This post is just one example of the benefits of what Reikifurbabies has to offer. We love the work they do and we feature their posts on our show and blog.

Take a look at: Reiki for Coco the Dog


Also a very diversified blog, IPAWZ covers everything from general health and nutrition, news alerts, and adorable little doggie photos. Also included is a forum, Petville, where you can brag about,celebrate, or simply discuss your furry loved one. Who doesn’t want to? So you think you know your pooch, right? Just as you may try and communicate with them do you ever wonder how  they try and communicate with you? Just as humans use their hands to talk, dogs use their tails.  Believe it or not, it’s more than just a cute nub on that behind.  IPAWZ explains the real meaning  behind the tail wag. You’ll never not analyze  the wag again.

Read more at : “Dogs Know a Left-Sided Wag from a Right”

The Poodle (and the dog) blog

Jen, a former college English teacher created The Poodle (and dog) Blog to celebrate the simplicity of a dog. A decent portion of her blog consists of insightful news and events, more so than you may find on other blogs- very engaging, if I may add. Remember that infamous excuse, “my dog ate my homework?” Now a days, everything is completed on laptops or tablets, but back in the day, and I mean not too long ago being I’m only 26, I would’ve gotten the “you’re full of it…” look from my teacher. Following, is that such story- but it was no lie this time.With Twizzlers, M&Ms, and over fifty pins contained in a high school project, puppy Regi devoured  the assignment.  Find out what happened when that “crying-wolf” excuse turns into a reality for a Colorado High School student.  After reading this post by The Poodle (and dog) Blog, I highly recommend never ever leaving any kind of eatable project out and about. The story even made TV headlines and can be found  here.

Find the scoop here : “The dog ate my (Candy-Covered Volcano) Homework.”

The Puppy Dog Place

Single mom, Sue, continues to build her blog empire based on her love of puppies. It’s great for go- to care and training techniques .Whether it’s your first time with a pup, or you just need some advice, The Puppy Dog Place has you covered. Easy for any lifestyle, potty training options range from puppy dog litter boxes, to pee pads, and /or strictly outdoors. What to expect, what to say, and what not to do is all included in this very thorough blog. Find out what your pup’s potty triggers are, what type of treat to use  for praise, and how to get into a routine. Are you a visual person like me? Get this- there’s even a video!

Take a pee-k at: “Potty Training 101”

Fit as Fido

Dr. Dawn Marcus brings her medical knowledge to the table with this blog, FitasFIdoSo. Mix it with much pet love and admiration and you’ve got the perfect match! Ranging from topics such as animal therapy to safety in the winter time, she’s got it all.  ReikiFurbabies assists with getting in tune with a dog’s journey to spiritual healing, but we need to keep its mind going as well. I know I can get bored, distracted, or caught up so easily when it comes to life on life’s terms. Pet-loving, freelance writer, Rachel MacDonald ,featured on Dawn Marcus’s FitasFido page discusses ways to encourage your dog’s mind with numerous ideas. Obstacle Courses, memory games, and  play groups are no longer recommendations for just people! With some time and some effort, you’re bound to keep your dog in top shape-from head to paws!

Check it out : “How To Keep your Dog Mentally Stimulated”

Is Fashion Your Passion? Are You A Fashionista? Enter the Pet Fashion Show and Contest!

Are you creative?  Do you love to sew?  Can you coordinate outfits like nobody’s business?

A model and dog walk the runway. (Photo:

A model and dog walk the runway. (Photo:

Then think about your entry for the Pet Fashion Show and Contest, February 8, 2014! You can strut your stuff and show everyone your mad fashion skills!


How do I enter?  Look for a link here and on SPE with entry details.

What should my pet wear? Whatever you create! Go for it!

Should I dress up too?  Coordination will be a factor in judging!

What will the judges be looking for? 

Judges will grade the contestants on the:

-Coordination of outfits between pet and handler

-Communication/relationship between pet and handler

-The Glam Factor! Extra points awarded for the couple hamming it up, having a good time and enjoying the moment.

Judges will choose the final 3 contestants.

Audience members will be encouraged to support their favorites through applause, as they will select the winner. Bring your friends for support!

Winner will have bragging rights and wear all of the trimmings of a runway star!





Open casting call, authors, pet bloggers, rescuers and more. Guests wanted, for Everett and Everett present, Pets Teach Us So Much Radio

Lookie Lou is the little dog who lives in the TPPCtv!

Lookie Lou wants you!

Are you an author or pet blogger?  Do you rescue pets?  Does your pet have an unusual talent or great trick?  Did your pet save your life?  Did you invent an interesting pet product?

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio wants to hear about it! Send us your story idea and contact information and you might be the next guest on our show.

Email your information to  Be sure to include your website, video, pictures etc. and your contact information.

Woofy Woo and Thanks so much!


Win a Highlight Segment for Your Rescue Group on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio

Dress to Impress! (Photo:

Dress to Impress! (Photo:

February 8, 2014 will be a big day for participating rescue groups at the Super Pet Expo!

Any rescue exhibiting at the Super Pet Expo is eligible to participate in the event of the year, The Pet Fashion Show and Contest at no additional cost!

Not only will you be able to strut your stuff down the runway at the fashion show, but while you are walking the runway like a superstar, fun facts about your rescue group will be announced to the crowd!  This is a fantastic way to showcase the good work you and your rescue group is doing.

What do you need to do?

Watch for a link available in January to sign up.

How should I dress the pet representing the rescue?  

Anything goes! Use your imagination.  

Should I dress up too?

You can if you would like to!

How is a winner determined?

Pictures of all of the contestants will be posted here on our site.  Social media will determine the winner by “buzz factor”.

What is the prize?

A highlight segment on our show, Pets Teach Us So Much Radio!  A representative of your rescue will be interviewed and highlighted on our show.  The segment will feature all of the good work you are doing, pets for adoption and more!  Great publicity for your organization.

Questions?  email us at