The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Pet Lovers, 2013 with a Huge Giveaway

It’s the most wonderful, woofterful, meowerful time of the year!

We never have enough time to do everything we want to, especially during this time of year.  With Chanukah, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and such, we thought we would help you out with a gift suggestion list for the fur kids!

More people are buying gifts for their pets, grand-pets and friend’s pets then ever before!  So let’s break it down and show you the hottest gifts for 2013.

Dog Outer Wear: PJNY Dogwear

PJNY's Ruff Rider Jacket Rocks!

PJNY’s Woof Rider Jacket Rocks!

Trendy, adorable jackets, coats, rain gear and more for the fashionista on your list.  They had us at “Rhinestone Skull and Crossbones”. We especially like this “Woof Rider” faux leather jacket with blingy skull and cross bones! Let’s face it, even big dogs want to look pretty and chic! PJNY Dogwear has a great selection of outerwear for even the big dogs, without the big price tag. Their website states that 10% of all sales are donated to a variety of animal shelters nationwide. ‘Doggy Fashion with Compassion’ is the driving force behind PJNY Dogwear and the company tagline.

Their prices are very reasonable, ranging from $30.00-$58.00 and all of the garments are MADE IN THE USA!

Dog Noms: Bone-In-A-Box, Barnsdale Farms Select

Dogs love bones, no matter what size! (Photo:

Dogs love bones, no matter what size! (Photo:

We asked our girls what they from Santa and they said, “Bone-In-A-Box” from Barnsdale Farms Select. This is the stuff doggie dreams are made from.  Made from all-natural ingredients, their press release states, “All of our raw materials come from CFIA and USDA approved facilities and are processed in our GFSI-recognized plant.  From Farm to Fido, we are doing our part to improve pet treat safety.”  We like that.

Plus the attractive packaging makes the product easy to handle and great for gift giving.  Available on Amazon.

Low Calorie Cat and Dog Noms: Lickety Stiks

Lickety Stik

Lickety Stik

We have talked a lot about obesity in pets this year.  This is a tasty reward with separate formulations for cats and dog, without the calories.  The Lickety Stik dispenses from a rollerball, and now a gel as well.  It’s great for training your pet without over filling them with fatty treats.  Starting at $5.99.

Kitty Entertainment System: Frolicat  BOLT

Frolicat BOLT

Frolicat BOLT

This is the toy you want to buy for a kitten or active cat to keep them stimulated and give them a great challenge.  Frolicat BOLT is an interactive laser toy that provides hours of fun for you and your cat or dog. The toy takes 4 AA batteries and you can hold BOLT in your hand or place it on a flat surface, turn it on, and watch your pet pounce, chase, and bat at the exciting laser patterns. Pets love the random patterns they can chase across the floor, up the walls, and over furniture.  Suggested retail, $19.95.

Fun Dog Toys: Squeeze Meeze and Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom

Squeeze Meeze

Squeeze Meeze

The Squeeze Meeze squeaky rubber dog toys have rubber parts that uncurl like a party blower-noise-maker-thingy.  They are adorable and we think we like squeaking them and playing with them as much as your dog will!  We definitely got a case of the giggles playing with these and testing them out.  The girls gave them 4 paws up. Starting at $4.99.

Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom

Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom

The Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom is an interactive treat or food-dispensing toy.  You know we are big fans of interactive and stimulating toys for our pets and this toy really fits the bill. To get the food out of the toy, the pet must move it.  The Mushroom wobbles and flips and fascinates your pet.  Suggested retail, $14.99.

No Stink Stocking Stuffers: Coconut Lime Scented No Rinse Waterless Dog Shampoo and Odor Neutralizer Deodorizer

Wahl Brand Coconut Lime Scented No Rinse Shampoo for your pet and Odor Neutralizer Deodorizer for just about anything including pet bedding are sure bets for stocking stuffers.

Coconut Lime No Rinse Shampoo

Coconut Lime No Rinse Shampoo

Coconut Lime Scented No Rinse Shampoo is a time saving dry shampoo that you squish into the palm of your hand.  You simply rub the palm full of foam on your dog and rub until their fur is damp.  You can use a towel to help dry if you wish.  They smell great and their fur feels soft!  This is a must have and a great stocking stuffer.

Odor Neutralizer

Odor Neutralizer

So you didn’t have time to wash the dog and all of the pet bedding before the guests arrive?  Pull out the Odor Neutralizer spray and spray it on the bedding and it really eliminates smells.  It’s pretty amazing!  Saves time and hassle.  Another great stocking stuffer.

For the Practical Gift Giver, Cats and Dogs: The Handy Camel Bag Clip

The Handy Camel Bag Clip

The Handy Camel Bag Clip

Are you a practical gift giver?  Then The Handy Camel Bag Clip  might be right up your alley. It’s a bag clip with a handle that’s super sturdy and great to clip on the top of a dog food bag or cat litter bag. The MSRP is $14.95.  Check out their site to see the product in action.

For the Pet’s Home: EZ Living Home

EZ Living Home

EZ Living Home

Every pet wants a comfy bed and chic pet parents love a coordinated room, so where does one go to one stop shop?  EZ Living Home gives you options for pet beds, decorative pillows and window panels in durable fabrics that are beautiful, sturdy, breathable and renewable to be eco-friendly.  Check out the options on their website for a fresh look before your guests arrive.

For the Trendy Yet Practical Pet Owner:  The Avalon Fountain

The Avalon Fountain

The Avalon Fountain

Wow, what a product.  We have finicky water drinkers.  Chachala prefers filtered ice water from the refrigerator.  If one of us is drinking a fresh glass of ice water, she will cry until you refresh her water bowl.  NOT KIDDING.  So, the Avalon Fountain is just what she loves and every pet will love!  We don’t want stale water, why should our pets?

From the Pet Safe Site: The Ceramic Porcelain Avalon Fountain continuously recirculates and filters your pet’s water, keeping it cleaner and fresher than a normal water bowl. The Avalon fountain offers 70 ounces of fresh, filtered water in a ceramic design that is easy to clean and looks great in your home. The upper and lower dishes provide two drinking areas for your pets and the circular design makes it easily approachable. Dual patented free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness and encourage pets to drink more.

This fountain is beautiful and functional.  Suggested retail, $89.95.

Pet Safe has generously donated a fountain for you to win! Enter below…a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Paw Friends! We will see you on the Radio Dec. 5 for our big Gift Guide Show.

Enjoy your time with family, furry or not.  We will catch you next week with the Ultimate Guide for Pet Gifts, 2013.

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours! (Photo:

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours! (Photo:

Meow Monday, Tuna Tuesday, CatLadyLand Cat-Toon, High on the Hog

Why yes, yes she was.

Why yes, yes she was.

Funny lady Angie Bailey has been contributing to our blog for years.  We just love her. Her bio is now listed under “Expert Contributors”.  She is hysterically funny and we encourage you to read more about her here and visit her blog,


Rachel Ray Nutrish Savory Bites, Nutrish Soup Bones Review and Giveaway!

Rachael Ray Nutrish has two new products, Nutrish Savory Bites and Nutrish Soup Bones available in stores now!

From the info we received with the treats:

Made with simple ingredients, Nutrish Soup Bones have all the deliciousness of a wholesome soup bone with none of the splintering or mess.  There are no artificial colors and no meat by-products-just a tender, meaty center inside and a great taste your dog will love to gnaw on.

  • Savory, long-lasting chews with a tender meaty center
  • Highly Digestible with no splinterinor flavors
  • No meat by-products, artificial colors or flavors
  • Perfect for small, medium or large dogs

Rachel Ray Nutrish Savory Bites are hearty, soft and chewy morsels inspired by Rachael’s home-style recipes.  Chock-full of savory, real meaty goodness dogs love, the combination of real beef or real chicken plus real veggies makes for a delicious taste your dog can’t resist.

  • Real meat like chicken or beef is the #1 ingredient
  • Made with delicious garden veggies you can see, like peas and carrots
  • No corn, wheat, fillers or gluten
  • No meat by-products

The girls were trying to open the bag and help themselves.  Obviously, they really loved them.

Phil and Cha loved Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones and Savory Bites

Phil and Cha loved Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones and Savory Bites

You can purchase the treats at Walmart, Super Stop & Shop or find a retailer in your area here.  The average retail price ranges from $2.99-$3.49.  Rachael Ray is sponsoring a giveaway of one package each of Nutrish Savory Bites, Soup Bones and Mini Soup Bones. Enter below to win!

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Caring for Guinea Pigs


Guinea Pig Lederhosen!So cute! Dutch-boy Costume from

Guinea Pig Lederhosen!So cute! Dutch-boy Costume from

Everything, and then some for your little rodent friend.

Boars, Sows, Pups, or Skinny Pigs. There may be several different names for a guinea pig, but this miniature friend needs more than a miniature TLC.

Hay may be for horses, but it’s also devoured by the guinea pigs. According to ASPCA, have it in your pet’s cage at all times. It’s great for digestion, and it’s something they can nibble on. Aside from grass hay, they should be fed twice daily-in the mooring and in the evening. You can pick up some pellets designed for your little round pal. Don’t hesitate to provide it with fruits and veggies, as he will gladly indulge. Only about a half of a handful of veggies, and a slice of fruit is just fine. Stick with mostly green, leafy vegetables. These guys are strictly vegetarians! If you choose celery, make sure you cut up the pieces enough so there are no stringy-features left. Stay away from starches, such as potato skins, as  they are high in oxalic acid. Cabbage and broccoli should be avoided to prevent gas. We don’t want any gassy or bloated guinea pigs!

Howdy, partner! Cowboy Guinea Pig Costume.

Howdy, partner! Cowboy Guinea Pig Costume available at

In regards to housing, you can get creative.. First things first: make sure the space provided isn’t small.The larger, the better. Minimum space recommended is four square feet per pig. Make sure that the flooring is safe and comfortable for your little guy or gal, as glass and wire is unacceptable. Plastic, tube-like caging is of the highest recommendation. To get ideas or to shop for a cage, check out and Go to town with this. Regardless of what you create- a loft, an apartment, a house, or a mansion for the little guy, make sure you incorporate some form of exercise and a little space for hiding. Everyone needs some motivation and some privacy. Whether you attach a piece of fruit on a string to cause stretching, or purchase an exercise ball, it’s movement. Also, almost all hairless guinea pigs are extremely ticklish. It’s all about motion.

It’ s always good to provide company, so if you’re going to pair them up, starting your guinea pig with another is recommended at an early age, especially if they’re both males so fights are prevented. Depending on what your intentions are, it can be a poor idea to mix a female and a male together, as rapid breeding is likely- unless of course, that is your intention. The more the merrier, maybe?

Rawr! I'm a dinosaur! Available at

Rawr! I’m a dinosaur! Available at

Definitely look into veterinarian care. A veterinarian for a small rodent? Absolutely!  Guinea Pigs are known to live anywhere from 5-7 years, and if he or she gets sick, you want to be able to obtain help. I did some research on and there was a wide-spread list of health issues that Guinea Pigs are susceptible too  such as inflammation in lungs, viral pneumonia, and fur mites. That’s just a few.

Have fun with your guinea pig. Just as people do with their dogs and cats, there are costumes and outfits for them, and why not? A pet is part of your family, and a companion. You can take a look at some creative get -ups at and Not only do the provide clothing, but also accessories,wedding attire, and wigs…yes, wigs.

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Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 115 with Robbin and Joseph Everett

What can you do to keep your cat off the counter?  What should you do to care for your Senior Doggie?  This and so much more with Robbin and Joseph Everett this week on the hit radio and podcast, Pets Teach Us So Much.


No, no kitty! (

No, no kitty! (


Join us live Thursday, November 21 at 6:00 PM EST on BlogTalkRadio or download us anytime here on our site, iTunes or Stitcher.

Bravo! Pet Food Review and Giveaway

A few weeks ago , in the blog about  Dog Nutrition, I  mentioned grain-free lifestyles. With cats, there are such products, which include the raw food diet.   Bravo! was very generous to send me their Turkey and Chicken Medley treats, training treats, and a coupon for their raw food products .
Bravo food and treats.

Bravo food and treats.

The cool benefit about this product? It’s 100 percent natural, with no additives and no crazy formulas. Unlike other cat foods, there are no more than 5 ingredients in each meal. They definitely get a star for keeping it simple, healthy, and balanced.
Since Sadie is so young, I decided to train her with something simple first. Using the training treats, I’d pat my stomach, provoking her to stand up on her hind legs, implying that she’d reach up for me. She’s a fast learner because a few times after trying, she did just that, and now does it every time.
But what makes a treat, a training treat? I did some research, and the ingredients that make this specific treat so intriguing to cats? Well there’s muscle and organ meat , in addition to real Vermont cheddar cheese. Yum, gotta love organ meat! Maybe it doesn’t seem appealing to humans, but as long as my cat’s happy, I’m quite okay with accepting that concept. The morsels are mixed in different shapes and colors, and Sadie had no problem licking them right out of the palm of my hand.
Trying to obtain the raw food meals was a little difficult. It’s not found in popular pet stores, and was a little bit of hassle, but after calling a few places I was able to buy a bag. It all depends where you live. If you reside in New York, there are a bunch of pet stores that carry this product, as New York is more so of a bigger area than where I am in. If  you want something bad enough, and it’s going to be an advantage for you or someone special, why not go the extra mile?
I have to say that price wise-it really wasn’t that bad for a five pound bag of Turkey Blend Burgers. It was only $21.00!  For being such a popular trend, and being very healthy, I thought it was going to be much more, so Bravo to Bravo!.
Sadie enjoying Bravo!

Sadie enjoying Bravo!

 In regards to the raw food itself-it definitely took some time for Sadie to get used to it. Just as I can’t stand certain foods, I’d learn to live with them if I was a pet.  For my cat’s sake, that’s what she had to do, being I supply her with food. To describe the meat, it was almost identical to an uncooked hamburger. It could very well pass for a burger I’d eat, It took me a couple of hours to thaw ,as I expected being it was frozen. Sadie is spoiled and picky, but has no problem eating anything appealing (both animate or not). When I presented her with a small amount of the Bravo! Turkey Burger, she was hesitant, and left it alone.  I also heard this was normal because it was a substance that was quite foreign to her. I came to the conclusion that with this product, no matter how many days had passed, I had to place it on top of her dry food in order for it to be eaten. A week and a half later, the same concept still exists, only with less dry food. I want her to be healthy, but I also want her happy and satisfied.
Bravo! is doing a great job in a business that is booming in popularity for all of the advantages of the raw food diet. The more I watch her start to indulge during breakfast with this product, the more I learn that sometimes ya just need patience. Sometimes we have to change our lifestyle for the over all well-being, and I’m satisfied knowing that I’m helping to keep her healthy with the best decisions I make.
Win a coupon for a bag of Bravo! Cat Food!

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Use Your Head or Use Your Heart?

Robbin and Joseph Everett, hosts of Pets Teach us So Much, are also known as The Love Genies.  They give real world advice to people with pets to help them live a happy life.  This was the discussion in Episode 114.  To listen to the episode, to hear the whole sha-bang.

Seems fine, right?

Seems fine, right?

The idea of romance or an unrealistic expectation of an event or relationship leads people to make stupid choices and could lead to a lifetime of regret.

So, get real pet peeps!

Ugh! Come on!  Why are some of you so unhappy?  Step back,, it’s time for a reality check!

Are you making impulsive decisions?  And then you find yourself unhappy after the decision?  Whether it’s adopting another pet or deciding to date someone that isn’t really the person you want to go out with.  Take stock in what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Take a breath and make a list of why or why not you should or shouldn’t do something.  It seems simple, but when you stop and reflect, the pause may help you bring things into focus.

How many times do you see friends buy things they can’t afford, or go out with the bad boy of bad news or book a vacation that maxes out their credit card?

Keeping the compulsion in check and goals in mind are key in keeping yourself  out of hot water in life.  Not to say that you shouldn’t have fun or let loose but what is your end goal?

Do you have a 1 year, a five year and a 10 year goal list?  Do you have an action plan to meet those goals? And do you have a bucket list?

Whether it’s finding a forever partner or perfect pet, landing a great job or purchasing that something special, everything takes planning. Waking towards your goals will help keep you looking forward and keep your spirits up.

Meow Monday, Tuna Tuesday, CatLadyLand Cat-toon, Badass Cat


Badass too cute.

Badass Cat…is too cute.


We love Angie!

Angie Bailey is a Minnesota writer, cat fancier, word game junkie, creative-project dabbler, music lover, food enthusiast, wife, and mother to two humans and three cats. She is also the co-creator, co-writer, and performer in a sketch comedy web series called 82 South St. spends most of her days enjoying her family, scribbling for her cat humor blog,Catladyland, playing Scrabble, laughing at her cats’ shenanigans, and finding the silliness in most everything.

The Five Most Interesting Dog Breeds


George Lopez and the Chihuahua he voices as "Papi" in Beverly Hills Chihuahua

George Lopez and the Chihuahua he voices as “Papi” in Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Photo: expo

Regardless if they’re petite, a little large, wrinkly or not, they’re all different and similar in their own way. Here are a few interesting facts and tid-bits about the 5 most interesting dog breeds!


Stop the Presses! You’ve seen him on Milkbone commercials, The Dr. Oz show, and even in Vogue. Who can it be? The famous Chihuahua, Eli of course.

Eli modeling a fantastic costume by Roberto Negrin.  Pictured with his mom, Karen Biehl, AKA, Cleopatra. (Photo: Karen Biehl, via Facebook)

Eli modeling a fantastic costume by Roberto Negrin. Pictured with his mom, Karen Biehl, AKA, Cleopatra. (Photo: Karen Biehl, via Facebook)

Named after a city in Mexico, the breed was believed to be derived from the Techichi. Techichis’ were known to be small mute dogs. Hard to believe if you ever came across a Chihuahua bark, right?

So what makes a Chihuahua so intriguing? Well, first of all, did you know that they’re the smallest dog breed in the world? Yet, they’re so obvious to their tiny sizes. The little pooch has the longest life span, in addition to the biggest brain compared to other dogs. They’re known to be extremely loyal to their owners as well as very protective – and not to mention photogenic, if you haven’t noticed.

George Lopez, comedian and actor, has three Chihuahuas himself and talks about his “Chihuahua wedding” on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

Pugs– aka “multum in parvo” (a lot of dog in a small space)

Whether it’s Frank featured in The Men in Black, or was once a part of the royals, you can’t help but admire them.

The adorable, little, chubsters have been associated with royalty, as mentioned in pugvillage within the Chinese and European Empires.; so it’s no surprise that they don’t like to go to the bathroom in any unclean areas. Make sure their “spot” is clean!

A contradicting fact: According to,, pugs are called mops in Germany. Ironic, isn’t it?

Jessica Alba has two of her own, and even built a room just for his canine friends, Bowie and Sid, named after the musicians.

English Bull Dog

Another popular tail wagger, mainly bred in England is the English Bull Dog. You may recognize Ike, the well-acclaimed Kibbles and Bits doggy representative. Have you realized that bulldogs are widely used as mascots for universities and sports events?

They are believed to be a mix of the Pug and the Mastiff. Funny little fact: there was always a thought that the pug was chosen to mix with the mastiff to give their product a tinier appearance. Because of their big head, the majority of them are birthed via cesarean, according to dog whisperer, Cesar Milan.

Though known to be more laid back than other dogs, this pooch needs to be watched for respiratory issues due to their little squooshed noses, as well as infections. Always always always clean between their folds. They’re very sensitive to the heat and the cold, so when it’s warm out, bring them inside to cool off, and vice versa. 

German Shepard

In case you weren’t sure, this breed is derived from Germany. They were initially bred to herd sheep, but have definitely made their way up the ladder as they are the most popular to work with police and the blind. Curious, Intelligent, and upbeat, who wouldn’t want a dog such as the German Shepard to be on their side? Not to mention, they’re excellent watchdogs not only for adults, but very protective of kids as well.


As with Chihuahuas, the Maltese may be small, but they don’t allow their size to interfere with their self-esteem. Do not judge either, as their distinct barks towards strangers will definitely wake you up at night. They can also identify with the pug in a royal aspect, as they’re well-known for being associated with emperors and admired by the wealthy in the past, as per    A perk about these pups? They don’t shed. They have long hair, but that’s exactly what it is-long hair, not fur; and though it may occasionally fall out, it’s not half as bothersome to someone allergic to dogs. If you’re looking for an affectionate, gentle, furry friend, the Maltese is a great choice.

Halle Berry owns two Maltese dogs, Willy and Polly who are pretty much inseparable. Animal Planet mentions several others such as Elizabeth Taylor, Torrie Wilson, and Eva Longoria.

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