Crickets Chorus, interesting video

NOT these guys!

NOT these guys!

Robin Olson, our radio show guest from last week and author of the fab blog, Covered in Cat Hair, sent us a link to this interesting video.  We just wanted to share…it’s pretty incredible.


US&R Task Force Dogs help Joplin search

US&R Task Force Dogs


Missouri Task Force 1









When Joplin (Mo.) first responders needed a helping hand after a kick ass tornado, they called in Missouri Task Force 1, the FEMA Urban Search and Rescue.  The team is highly trained and equipped for major search and rescue.  When a victim is trapped under tons of concrete and steel with only small voids of space. The search team used canine units and GPS technology to de-layer structures to help find Joplin residents.

Highly trained canine teams, specifically live-human air-scent dogs, with team members using thermal infrared cameras and seismic listening devices, searched on heavy concrete and steel rubble piles to find life.

Thanks to our furry brothers and sisters, one may never now how many more would have succumbed to this tragedy.


Thanks to The Fire Chief Magazine for the tip.

Everett and Everett, Pets Teach Us So Much #30 Robin A. F. Olson, Covered in Cat Hair

Robin Olsen

Robin Olson

We just love our bloggy friends, so we are kicking off the first of our blog reports tonight!

Oh my cat! MOL!

Covered in Cat Hair

Covered in Cat Hair

We have a kitty-rific show planned for you! Robin A. F. Olson from the fabulous blog Covered in Cat Hair ( is joining us tonight for a blog report.  She is going to give us the scoop on her blog, rescue group and more!

Plus we have Yvonne DiVita with a “Countdown to BlogPaws” update…yes friends, only 5 weeks away!

And we have World Pet News and Celebrity Pet Gossip.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

Meet you back here on Thursday at 6:30 PM EST, to jump into the chat room ( ) and be a part of the show.

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Meow Monday Catladyland Cat-toon of the day!

Bananagrams (Photo: Angie Bailey,

Bananagrams (Photo: Angie Bailey,

We love Angie’s humor!  Apparently, she has some clever and talented kitties as well! Check out her cute cat-toons here on Mondays and check out her cat-tastic blog!

About Angie:

Angie Bailey is a Minnesota writer, cat fancier, word game junkie, creative-project dabbler, music lover, food enthusiast, wife, and mother to two humans and three cats. She spends most of her days enjoying her family, scribbling for her cat humor blog, Catladyland, contributing to Life With Cats, playing Scrabble, laughing at her cats’ shenanigans, and finding the silliness in most everything.

Celebrity Pet Gossip: Bradley Cooper, tiger cub love



Bradley Cooper and a tiger cub

Bradley Cooper and a tiger cub

Dax Shepard and Bradley Cooper were on set filming their new move in Los Angeles late June.  Bradley with his dread locked hair do was photographed with a tiger cub during a break.  Awww, such a cute kitty!  Watch out though…he could turn you into bologna slices with one swipe!



Greatest song ever: Pick up your dog’s poo!

The Hood Rat, "Ratty"

The Hood Rat, "Ratty"

Hello everyone!  As promised, attached is your very own copy of, “Pick up your dog’s poo!”

Pick up your dog’s poo

Use it as a ring tone or just play it at parties and get your dance on!  Perhaps your pets would like a copy for their mix party tape as well?



Hero Chihuahua STOPS Robbers

Bad Ass Chihuahua




Hero Chihuahua stops robbers

Click on above “Hero Chihuahua stops robbers” for video.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies video of a bad ass Chihuahua, acting as a store security guard chasing off low life robbers at an Altadena smoke shop.

The video, shows two thugs, armed with a long gun, running into the Ace Smoke Shop trying to steal the hard working store owners money.

As the store owner begins putting his cash in a sack from one of the thugs, the owner’s Chihuahua begins  the transformation into bad ass Chihuahua, that is not happy about them taking his Poppies money. Barking and trying to get a chunk of meat from the thugs legs, and chasing them out of the store and down the street.

At one point, one of the men points his rifle at the Chihuahua, but this bad ass dog is not phased at all.

Neither the store owner, nor the dog was injured.

Thanks to our pals at AP Press for the story and You Tube for the video.





Jackass Star Steve O is a rescue dog lover

Pet Photographer Christopher Ameroso with Steve O and Walter the "chiweenie" (Photo by Christopher Ameroso

Pet Photographer Christopher Ameruoso with Steve O and Walter the "chiweenie" (Photo by Christopher Ameruoso)

The Star recently ran an article about the life and times of Jackass star Steve O.  He has been through a lot of personal tragedy including drugs and drinking recovery.  Most recently, he lost his friend Ryan Dunn in a car accident. Dunn was killed in June when he crashed his Porsche in PA driving over 132 mph with a blood alcohol level of .196.

As with most of us pet lovers, Steve O surely found comfort in his shelter dog Bernie, an American Eskimo mix, and rescue dog Walter, a Chihuahua Dachsund mix…better known as a “chiweenie”.

Love that.

Japans Nuke Plant Strays

("Bruce;" Credit: Brian Taniyama for Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support)

Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant 2002


There are dogs, cats and many other household pets that were left to survive on there own, after Japans earthquake near the Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant.

Since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, only trained rescue teams donned in Radioactive resistant gear, have been permitted to ambulate the site and grounds. There is a 12.5-mile hot zone around the heavily damaged power station for an alleged safe zone.

A representative of the Tokyo Electric Power Company, explained, the priority is getting the plant back in service again. At this time we don’t have the resources to take care of the animals or homeless pets around the plant.

Bruce, the Husky pictured above was one of the lucky pets rescued, thanks to Brian Taniyama of (JEARS) Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support. The dedicated team at JEARS is doing all that it can to save the homeless pets from being euthanized at crowded shelters.



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Crows remember faces

Crows can remember my face? (photo)

Crows can remember my face? (photo)

We at have found the real Angry Birds and it is no app that we would want to down load. You may want to rethink that hand clap, or blowing that air powered horn can to move those crows.

The article states:

Crows remember the faces of threatening humans and often react by scolding and bringing in others to mob the perceived miscreant, according to a new study published in the latest Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Since the mob members also then indirectly learn about the threatening person, the findings demonstrate how just a single crow’s bad experience with a particular human can spread information about this individual throughout entire crow communities.

Given that crows have impressive memories, people who ruffle the feathers of these birds could experience years of retribution.

Bothered crows may at first “give harsh calls, which we call ‘scolds’ that attract other crows who are nearby to join in the mob,” according to study co-author John Marzluff. “The mob of two to 15 birds hounds us, sometimes diving from the sky to within a few meters or less — This pursuit lasts about 100 meters (328 feet) as we walk away.

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