Seven foot gator comes through doggy door

You never know what will come in your doggy door.  How about a 7 ft.  alligator?  For real!

A paper in Palmetto, FL is reporting a Tampa-area resident, Alexis Dunbar came home to a hissing gator in her bathroom.  Her boyfriend used a small table to keep the gator in the bathroom until the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation responded.

Dunbar has a doggy door for her 2 cats to come and go as they please.  The cats are unharmed.  Dunbar’s neighbor reported she heard patio furniture being knocked over at 3:00 AM the day prior, and Dunbar did not return to her home until noon the following day.  The gator had quite a party in the house for several hours, moving furniture around and disturbing the blinds.

Unfortunately, this story does not have a happy ending.  Florida considers gators longer than 4 ft. a nuisance and they are destroyed when they are captured.  What’s up with that Florida?  Don’t you have the Everglades?  Didn’t we just run a story about how gators need to be tracked and conserved?

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Did a cat from NJ swim across the NY Harbor to Governors Island?

[Cat swims

Cat swims Photo: AP

A cat found on Governors Island is believed to have swam from NJ!  Heavy rains could have contributed to the poor kitty washing into the river.  He was found on the Island salty, covered with seaweed and tired.  They are looking for his owners, but apparently, the folks on Governors Island are taking good care of him until then.


Oh if this kitty only had a pet blog about his adventures!



And the Poopak Winner is…

Poopak in black

Poopak in black

Mary Hone!  Congratulations Mary! You will be receiving a groovy Poopak for use with your own pack!

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Judge in Dognapping Case Awards Canine Custody to Caretaker, Orders Original Owners to Pay $16K

Dognapping...oh my.

Dognapping...oh my.

The ABA Journal reports on a very interesting custody case in the UK.  This case could have happened anywhere…

In the latest litigation treating a beloved pet almost as a human child, a judge in the United Kingdom asked to deal with a London dognapping case has awarded temporary custody of an approximately two-year-old Labrador to its caretaker of 18 months.

The court was asked to weigh in after Bella was stolen earlier this month, with the help of a pet detective, from a professional dog-walker employed by stockbroker Victoria Huxster, reports the Telegraph.

Huxster says she was given the dog when a former colleague and his bank executive wife couldn’t cope with the then-puppy. They say the arrangement was only temporary and they retained ownership.

The judge ordered the couple not to attempt to kidnap Bella again and awarded court costs of approximately $16,000. A final custody hearing is scheduled to take place this summer.


Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, #17, The Barbi Twins & Faith the Dog

You have been warned, pull down the safety bar!  The roller coaster ride on Everett and Everett present, “Pets Teach Us So Much Radio” is going to blast off.  Hood rats on patrol, poop tasers set to stun and biodegradable poo pickup bags strapped on our sides.

The Barbi Twins and Hugh Hefner

The Barbi Twins and Hugh Hefner


We are so excited about our guest line up today.  The Barbi Twins, Shane and Sia Barbi, Playboy pinups and models that became animal activists, recently guest posted on our blog about the Canadian Seal hunt.  They will be appearing to talk about the seal hunt and the Kitty Liberation Their organization raises awareness to animal related issues.  The Barbi Twins are vegans, authors and now guests on our show!

Jude Stringfellow and Faith the dog

Jude Stringfellow and Faith the dog

Also,  Faith the Dog’s Mommy Peep, Jude Stringfellow.  You may have seen pictures of this amazing dog walking upright on 2 legs.  Bringing smiles and hope to so many, we will talk to Jude about her journey with Faith.

Faith the Dog

Faith the Dog

And BLOGPAWS, EXCELLENT!  We are counting down to BlogPaws with Yvonne DiVita.  18 Weeks to BlogPaws!  Find out what is going on…get the inside scoop.

Plus tons of current news, celebrity gossip and general Mayhem.

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Which pet is better, cats or dogs?

Dogs or Cats?  Which pet is best?

Dogs or Cats? Which pet is best?


Washington Post article posed the epic question, “Cats vs. Dogs: Whose the better pet?” Oh say it isn’t so! They went there…they really went there!  Disclaimer: We love both cats and dogs.

The question was posed by a book recently released by National Geographic. Cats and Dogs are rated in a variety of categories..Nat Geo’s opinion of course.  The name of the book was not given in the article, but we google searched and a children’s book, Cats vs. Dogs by, Elizabeth Carney came up.

Some of the facts:

Fiercest wild relatives?

Sorry dog-onistas, you will need to acquiesce to a lion or tiger.  Big cats unfortunately, would snack on a wolf.

Who has the better sniffer?

“Dogs have about 220 million scent cells, compared with 110 million for cats (and about 51 / 2 million for humans).”  Interesting.

Who is the better communicator?

The book states dogs use their voice and tail.  We might beg to differ on this one…cats use their super meower power when we open a can of tuna.

Who has the better hearing?

Cats can hear sounds up to 60,000 hertz; dogs can hear up to 40,000 hertz and kids can hear up to 20,000 hertz. So cats can hear sounds that dogs and humans miss completely.”  Unless you have ever tried to open the dog cookie jar without making any noise.  Then the dog hearing amps up off the charts.

Who is the better hunter?

The book states cats.  Cats may bring you lots of mouse treats, unlike a dog.  But out in the wild, when an animal has to hunt to eat, they are equal.

Which comes in the most varieties?

“There are about 80 breeds of cats but more than 400 breeds of dogs. That’s because humans have bred dogs for many activities, leading to so many varieties.”

We wonder if they counted the really cool breed common to both cats and dogs, RESCUE!!!



Shocking! LA Times reports almost half of meat in stores may have drug-resistant bacteria

Antibiotics in food

Antibiotics in food

Exploring Vegetarian/Pescaterian lifestyles have been recent subjects for our radio shows.  Besides ethical reasons, the contamination of food source meats is a major concern.  Below is a scary, shocking report printed in the LA Times regarding the amount of antibiotics that are actually in our food source meats.

What does this mean?

Well, one of the effects of antibiotic fed meat, is that we ingest antibiotics and as a society, we breed drug resistant bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus.  You may have heard of friends or relatives who have been hospitalized with MRSA or Staph infections.  They need a course of expensive drugs to battle this “Super bug” strain of infection.

Why is this happening now?

Honestly, we didn’t hear about this type of infection 20 years ago.  But, because of the push for farms and corporations to be more profitable and increase efficiency, they try to do more with less.  Less room for the animals, less loss from sick animals, more pounds  per animal and hence, more money. In our opinion, antibiotics and growth hormones are a direct result of the drive to increase profitability.

From the LA Times: Almost half of meat in stores may have drug-resistant bacteria

47% of samples tested had the type of bacteria that most commonly causes staph infections. Food animals routinely fed antibiotics are a possible source. Meat in the U.S. may be widely contaminated with strains of drug-resistant bacteria, researchers reported Friday after testing 136 samples of beef, chicken, pork and turkey purchased at grocery stores.

Nearly half of the samples – 47% – contained strains of Staphylococcus aureus, the type of bacteria that most commonly causes staph infections. Of those bacteria, 52% were resistant to at least three classes of antibiotics, according to a study published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

DNA testing suggested the animals were the source of contamination. Environmental health scientist Lance Price, the study’s leader, said the animals most likely harbored these drug-resistant pathogens because antibiotics routinely are fed to livestock to promote growth and prevent disease in crowded pens on large farms.

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“I is ready for mai close up”, said Woofy Woo Crew Member Snotface Ferret

I is ready for mai close up

I is ready for mai close up

Oh we love this picture! Look at Snotface’s cute expression!  You can meet Snotface and lots of great pets at the best social network for pet people,the Woofy Woo Crew. You will get the inside scoop on giveaways, our radio show and web TV.  You can play games, post pictures and videos and meet pet people from all over the world!

Woofy Woo Crew Social Network Member Highlight, “Buddy”



Buddy’s Mommy-Peep June writes, “Buddy is a Mastiff mix and is about 6 1/2 years old. He is a rescue. I am sure his former family misses him and wonders where he is. We love him to pieces.”   Awww…he looks like a good boy!  Meet Buddy and share pictures, video, pet blog and meet animal peeps from all over the world in our Woofy Woo Crew social network for pet lovers.  It’s the best social petwork around!

Celebrity Guest Post, The Barbi Twins weigh in on Canadian seal slaughter

The Barbi Twins

The Barbi Twins

We have a very special celebrity guest post today from Playboy models turn animal activists, Shane and Sia Barbi regarding the Canadian seal hunt that is taking place now.  We have all seen the pictures of the seals being clubbed…it’s horrible and difficult really to describe just how horrible it is…but, many of us didn’t know what to do about it.  In the information below, Shane and Sia outline some steps we can take to stop the hunt.

In addition, you may not know that Sia, Shane and Shane’s husband, actor Ken Wahl are all actively involved in animal rescue and animal rights.  They have an organization called the Kitty Liberation Front:

And obviously, they all have a sense of humor and know how to get the message across:

Ken Wahl

Ken Wahl

Shane and Sia also wrote a book:

The Eco Anti Diet

The Eco Anti-Diet

On our Pets Teach Us So Much Earth Day Special Show, we talked about how all animal lovers need to help each other out and work together.  Shane and Sia were so gracious in our email exchanges today we just had a feeling that they had the hearts of great animal lovers like so many of you do. We know all of you reading this post are working hard every day to help our little furry pals.  We are so greatful celebs like The Barbi Twins and Ken Wahl who stand up for animal rights. We hope Shane and Sia can join us next week on our show and we encourage you to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

From Shane and Sia Barbi:

“People have choices, animals don’t. We should not use and abuse animals just because we can. We should respect and protect animals, helping them one paw, hoof, fin, claw and tail at a time.”

(The information below was originally printed in an article by Jeromie Williams on

About the seal hunt:

Canadians are some of the most well mannered, compassionate people in the world, and many in the animal rights world are from Canada. My sister and her husband have always wanted to live in gorgeous Canada, and we all want to visit their wonderful people, but we want ask others to stand united against the Canadian seal slaughter.

The Canadian seal hunt which is happening right now, is the largest marine mammal slaughter in the world. Nearly 400,000 seals are slated to be killed this season, and in the next few months this will happen mostly to the seal pups that are easier to get to.

The seal hunt is a dying business, especially with climate change and melting ice issues. The seal hunt actually costs Canada more than it makes, relying mostly on subsidies from the government and tax payers. The inhumane slaughter gives Canada a bad reputation – it’s dated, barbaric and most Canadians are not in support of it.

Canadians vote their politicians into office and should voice their opinion and not support this “politically correct” and inhumane barbaric blood sport in the disguise of culture and tradition. It is as dated as a cave man clubbing a woman on the head and dragging her by her hair.

If more people saw the images of baby seals helplessly trying to run from sealers, mothers begging for their lives while many others are skinned alive, there would be an outcry. The rules for humane slaughter are not being enforced as is being reported by Sheryl Fink from the IFAW who has witnessed and filmed a pups being skinned alive.

What can we do?

We can boycott and protest, PPP – People, Places and Products – that support the seal hunt, or that enable the seal hunt to continue. Call Canadian tourism agencies and tell them that you are boycotting any visits to Canada as long as they turn a blind eye to the seal slaughter. Boycott any products that support seal fins, seal parts, or pelts. Target BUYERS of seal pelts and parts with petitions, letter campaigns and boycotts of anyone or anything that supports the buyers of seal skins. Hatem Yavuz is one of the last and biggest buyers of seal pelts and known as the Seal Slaughter Tycoon. He is the DEVIL to seals. No buyer = no hunt. Simple supply and demand.

Help inspire eco-tourism that brings in more money than they are losing in the hunt, and help repair Canada’s reputation that has beem stigmatized cruelty and bring peace to the conflicting Canadians that are SICK of paying for a barbaric, dying and disgusting slaughter. It’s hardly a fair hunt when the ones hunted are helpless babies begging for their lives. Let’s reinvent the image of the seals back into the innocent, helpless animal victims that they are.

Inform others and expose the truth! No more excuses and lies! Do not let pro sealers get by with using the excuse that the overpopulation of seals eat the fish stocks – that is a lie, they actually eat predatory fish that go after the fish we all eat. It is not culture or tradition, it is more like an embarrassing “family secret” that they have to deny and justify. There is NO career in seal hunts. The government has to actually pay out and use tax payer money to subsidize the hunt because it just doesn’t make money. They LOSE money.

Call or contact Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans who is also responsible for the Canadian Coast Guard at 1-8OO-224-0018 or by email at  She can extend the hunt season and has already raised the hunt limit by 200,000 seals. She has even promoted the eating of seal meat at political functions in order to justify the seal hunt as a traditional practice when it is simply MURDER.

Do not donate blindly or join fraudulent groups without researching first – there are imposters out there pretending to be activists. Be hands on, ACT, don’t REACT! The most reputable, credible organization is the official Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) run by Paul Watson, and we recommend that everyone research any seal group, spokesperson or campaign through them at


The Barbi Twins and Hugh Hefner

The Barbi Twins and Hugh Hefner