World Exclusive Interview With @BronxZoosCobra The Bronx Zoo’s Cobra

A Cobra similar to The Bronx Zoo Cobra @BronxZooCobra (photo)

A Cobra similar to The Bronx Zoo's Cobra @BronxZoosCobra (photo)

As previously reported, The Bronx Zoo Reptile House lost a cobra shutting down the Reptile House and leaving The Cobra to roam freely about the city.  She wanted to take in the beauty of the city and live a little.  Who can blame her?

In a world exclusive, we have interviewed The Cobra.  We invited her to come on our radio show tomorrow night, but she told us she was a little self conscious about her lisp.  Poor dear.  We all love her so much and celebrate the differences of all of our species of friends here at, you know that is never an issue with us.  She graciously granted us the following interview via email: One of our show hosts, Joe, had a pet rat which his dad secured from a dumpster because they couldn’t afford a hamster.  On our show, we affectionately refer to him as “The Hood Rat”.    Since you are dining in some of NYC’s hot spots, if you see any of his relatives on the street, would you refrain from snacking on them?  You see, they secretly “Poop Taser” people who pretend to pick up their dog poop, but really don’t pick up their dog’s poo.  It’s probably amusing to see people rolling around in their dog’s poo…just sayin’.

@TheBronxZoosCobra: No problem, rats use up way too many of my weight watchers points. You have been covering some serious ground the past few days. From karaoke…singing “White Snake” songs to a trip to Ellis Island.  What have been some of your memorable moments?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: The ferry was delightful. They let me have the entire top deck. For some reason everyone wanted to stay below. They missed out. Do you get lonely without your Bronx Zoo Reptile friends?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: When you spend 24/7 with the same reptiles for your whole life, a break is in order. You know that sweet old saying, “distance makes the blood grow colder”. We see that Ellen DeGeneres, Mayor Mike and Howard Stern have mentioned you.  What do you attribute your sudden popularity to?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: I think I remind a lot of people of Justin Bieber. I’m just a kid living my dream, loving my fans. I couldn’t do it without them. Never say never!!! Since the infamous YouTube video of the rat on the subway, are you taking extra measures to assure you don’t get filmed on mass transit?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: I keep a very low profile when I travel. Super low. Like right on the ground low.  With the WHOLE CITY now looking for you, do you get recognized?  Do you wear a disguise or do you try to stay out of sight?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: I do wear a baseball cap sometimes. Still not sure why no one is suspicious of a baseball cap moving across the ground. :What do you have planned for tomorrow?

@TheBronxZoosCobra: I’m thinking Coney Island. Do they still have a snake charmer out there?

We love @BronxZoosCobra!  Thank you so much for the interview and now you know the inside scoop about where she will be tomorrow!  Listen in Thursday night on Pets Teach Us So Much Radio, 6:30 PM EST for more fun and mayhem!

Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show Live from the Amazon












Molly Mednikow, Director and Founder of Amazon Cares

Molly Mednikow, Director and Founder of Amazon Cares




We have Woofy wonderful Great Guests today including Molly Mednikow, Director and Founder of Amazon Cares calling in live from Peru with an update on the state of cats and dogs in the Amazon.  Plus, Yvonne DiVita keep us up to date with BlogPaws happenings in our Countdown to BlogPaws segment.

Don’t forget more fabu going’s on…Enemy of the Pet State,  Bronx Zoo Cobra caught and lost and caught, Doggie Easter Egg Hunt, Animal Health Update, the weird and wonderful plus hilarity and mayhem.

Join us Thursday, March 31 at 6:30 PM EST CLICK HERE  TO LISTEN live or listen on demand or download through iTunes.  Jump in the chat room and be heard!  We read lots of comments during the show.  It’s like you are in the studio with Robbin and Joe! Woofy Woo!

About Amazon Cares:  Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education & Safety (CARES) seeks better health and living conditions for ALL living beings of the Peruvian Amazon region. This includes appropriate care, respect, and protection from cruelty and neglect.

The world is focused on the important global and environmental issues facing the Amazon Rain forest region.  Naturalists, biologists, environmentalists and wandering souls visit Iquitos in droves.  Sadly, this region had NO programs in place for DOMESTIC animal welfare.

This is the reason that Amazon Community Animal Rescue, Education and Safety (CARES) was founded in 2004.  Citizens with a desire to protect countless stray animals stepped in to create programs that the government did not provide.  Since 2005, this charity has made amazing progress in the promotion of animal and public health.

All donations are tax deductible.

Where is the @BronxZoosCobra

Oh no snake fans! No time to take a trip into the city now! The Bronx Zoo has lost a cobra and shut down the reptile house.  But, alas, a creative tweeter has filled the void with tweets giving her status.  Some of the tweets are listed below in an article from The Last Word

A deadly cobra from the Bronx Zoo’s Reptile House has been M.I.A. since Friday, and now s/he’s tweeting about it. @BronxZoosCobra (maybe it’s the fake Rahm Emanuel?) gives hilarious updates on its escapades through New York City.

Sample tweets making the whole Last Word staff smile:

Enjoying a cupcake @magnoliabakery. This is going straight to my hips. Oh, wait. I don’t have hips. Yesss! #snakeonthetown

Taking the Sex and the City Tour!!! I’m totally a SSSamantha. #snakeonthetown

@peternbcnews Don’t turn around. I’m right behind you. Just kidding! lol!

Dear @CharlieSheen, know what’s better than tiger’s blood? Cobra venom. #winning #snakeonthetown Also I’m 20 inches long. Just sayin’.

Donald Trump is thinking about running for president?! Don’t worry, I’ll handle this. Where is Trump Tower exactly?

Today marks Day Five of the Cobra Search, but zoo director James Breheny said the snake might not be found for weeks. “Right now, it’s the snake’s game. At this point, it’s just like fishing; you put the hook in the water and wait. Our best strategy is patience, allowing her time to come out of hiding,”he said.

The World of Reptiles exhibit remains closed to visitors as zookeepers hope to find the escapee lurking in the building and not wreaking havoc upon the city.

Even Mayor Michael Bloomberg got into the act tweeting he touring the Met with President Obama but didn’t see the @BronxZoosCobra! Love that!

Celebrity Pets, Charlie Sheen allegedly starved his pug to death

An adorable pug (

An adorable pug (

TMZ is reporting Charlie Sheen allegedly starved his pet pug.

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards bought 2 pugs when they were married.  Charlie kept the dogs.  Denise received calls that the dogs were in bad shape.

When Denise Richards took the dogs back from Sheen, they were reportedly “Malnourished” and one died shortly thereafter.

We will have lots to say about this on our radio show Thursday night.  Tune in at 6:30 PM EST and jump in the chat room to weigh in.  Hope you can join us.


Yikes! Great Dane gives birth to 17 pups

A Great Dane Mommy with her 17 pups!

Hania, a Great Dane Mommy with her 17 pups! (Photo: AP)

From  AP-

WARSAW, POLAND — Seventeen whimpering Great Dane puppies born by Cesarean section are keeping their mother, another dog and their breeder constantly busy trying to feed the unusually large litter.

The eight male and nine female pedigree puppies were born Monday at a veterinary clinic near Warsaw, after their breeder Gabriela Kubalska decided to spare the mother, 4-year-old Hania, a long labor.

They are Hania’s very first litter, Kubalska said Thursday.

Hania, looking tired, her puppies and another female Great Dane helping to nurse the litter, occupy most of the ground floor at Kubalska’s house in a Warsaw suburb. The tiny pups nursed and slept by their mother on Thursday.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback in Germany made headlines in September when she gave birth to 17 puppies.



Goose shot by arrow rescued

Rescued goose has arrow removed (photo: AP)

Rescued goose has arrow removed (photo: AP)

From the AP:

DENVER — A Canada goose is recovering after wandering around Denver for more than a month with an arrow lodged in its chest.

The arrow was removed and the goose was given antibiotics after volunteers with the Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center finally caught the bird Thursday.

The veterinarian treating the goose says it is doing well since the surgery. The Denver Post reports the goose will be released back into the wild once it heals.

The goose was first spotted in Denver’s Washington Park on Feb. 12. It was captured at Garland Park after managing to avoid several attempts by Colorado Division of Wildlife officers to catch it.



Can you caption this Meow Monday cute kitten photo?

Wow! Coach handbags look so much like adorable kittehs this Spring. (photo: Dr. Kelly Wright)

Wow! Coach handbags look so much like adorable kittehs this Spring. (photo: Dr. Kelly Wright)Dr

Can you caption this precious kitty photo?  Thanks for sharing Dr. Kelly.  Meet Dr. Kelly in the Woofy Woo Crew and find out more about her blog.  We would love to have you join our crew!  See you there.


Crocs and gators in Florida help preserve wetlands

Crocodile with transmitter (photo)

Crocodile with transmitter (photo)

You know we love stories about animals helping people.  This is a great story about animals helping people help animals to preserve their habitat.  Very cool info from…

Researchers are implanting the reptiles with satellite chips in a science first that will allow scientists to follow the animals’ movements through different parts of the immense national park. The chips will bounce back information on changes in the ecosystem and its impact on the size and movement patterns of the crocs and gators.
“They are giving us important data… They are working for us,” said Frank Mazzotti, an ecologist and expert in the large reptiles at the University of Florida, as quoted by the AFP news agency.
The data is transmitted by satellite to a computer application using Google maps to track the movements of the reptiles.
“Scientists use different parameters to track responses of alligators and crocodiles to changes in the ecosystem, including their number, their weight, their size and their places of habitat,” Mazzotti told AFP’s Juan Castro Olivera.
“All this information provides important data that is instrumental in analyzing the health of the Everglades’ ecosystem” and in seeing whether past conservation efforts have succeeded, he noted.
Wildlife experts estimate that there are between 500 and 1,200 crocodiles living in southern Florida. The animals, which can grow to 15 feet long and weigh up to 450 pounds, have been declining in numbers in recent years due to loss of habitat, poaching and water pollution.
Like many bird species that make their home in the Everglades, the fate of alligators and crocodiles is closely linked to water levels, which largely determine their food supply, Mazzotti expressed.
As water levels drop, it results in fewer plants that are needed for shelter and nesting. That also means fewer fish to feed on, which is a mainstay for the larger animals of the Everglades.
Jerry Lorenz, of the conservation group Audubon of Florida, estimated that between 30,000 and 50,000 birds nest in the Everglades every year, a significant reduction from the 1940s, when as many as 500,000 lived there. “In more than half a century, it’s been about a 90 percent decline on average,” he said.
Fires, floods, hurricanes and drought have produced a distinctive ecosystem in the Everglades with a wealth of rare plants and animals, including the crocodiles, manatees, flying squirrels and gray foxes that climb trees.
Conservationists are concerned that budget cuts might complicate efforts to protect the wetlands, with a million visitors every year attracted to the subtropical wilderness.
French clothing brand Lacoste, which funds a global program to protect crocodiles called “Saving Your Logo” after its own trademark, is contributing to the efforts to protect crocodiles and alligators in the Everglades.
The company, founded by French tennis champion Rene Lacoste, is donating $150,000 over three years to help save crocodiles around the globe.
“We are very pleased to participate in this new project that clearly emphasizes the importance and the key role of crocodiles and alligators in the ecosystem,” said Lacoste CEO Christophe Chenut.

Read More

Pet Blogger Support Saturday Paws Up for Doggies and Stuff, Helping Pets in Japan

Doggies and Stuff did a great review of our Pets Teach Us So Much Radio Show.  Thanks Doreen!

Doreen is raising money for the benefit of pets in Japan, through auctioning off her Liz Taylor signed card.  This is what she told us…

“I just posted my Liz Taylor signed card yesterday.  Since World Vets is not listed as one of their charities, I couldn’t add anything about them in my description.  There policy will not allow you to mention “donation” or “charity” unless it is one that they have listed.

So, I am doing this on my own.  ANY money received from this will go directly to World Vets, since they have people on the ground in Japan helping pets!  As much as I hate to let the card go, this is the only way I know how to financially help those helping pets in Japan!”

Here is the EBay link:

Paws up for our friend Doreen and her Doggies and Stuff Blog!

Now for some pet blog hop fun:


You are invited to animal lover’s radio on Thursday nights! Pets Teach Us So Much Radio guests, Barkonomics author and blogger Paris Permenter, Countdown to BlogPaws with Yvonne DiVita and Life with Dogs blogger Neil Brogan


We are looking forward to a wooftastic night of pet lovers radio with plenty of mayhem and hilarity!

Guests tonight include Barkonomics author and blogger Paris Permenter, Yvonne DiVita with Countdown to BlogPaws with and Neil Brogan blogger,  Life with Dogs.

Plus: Celebrity Pet Gossip-You may have heard of crocodile tears but which celebrity is crying elephant tears?

Weird animal news- Are sheep smarter than monkeys and HOOD RATS? Plus: 17 Puppies, loosey goosey, a giant creature killing Welsh Sheep and more.

Animal Health-Knut-what the hell happened?

Next week- Molly Mendikow from Amazon Cares will call us live from the Amazon with a report of the state of dogs and cats in the Amazon


More about our guests:

New Book Helps Dog Lovers Save Money

Oct. 30, 2010 (Austin, TX)–Looking for ways to save money on your dog expenditures? The publishers of, one of the web’s top sites for dog tips, have released a new book designed to help dog lovers put a leash on their expenditures. Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos (Riviera Books) takes a look at ways you can live frugally with your dog with over 300 tips, from obtaining your dog to food, fun, veterinary care and prescriptions, training, travel, and more.

“We’ve heard so many heartbreaking stories about pet lovers surrendering their dogs because of economic problems,” says co-author Paris Permenter. “At a time when everyone has a close eye on the family budget, we wanted to help people find ways to trim their dog expenditures regardless of their income level.”

Along the way, the husband-wife team of authors interviewed numerous experts in all areas of dog care for their ideas and tips on stretching those dog dollars. “We surveyed readers to learn the ways they’d like to cut costs,” explains John Bigley. “Along with interviewing experts, we’ve talked with fellow dog lovers we found everywhere from dog festivals to dog parks to our local grocery store about how they’re making the most of their pet purchasing power.”

Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos retails for $9.95 and is available at Twenty percent of the book’s proceeds will be donated to the pet non-profit selected each quarter by the readers of

About the Authors

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are a husband-wife team of professional writers. The authors have written 28 books ranging from travel guides to cookbooks published by Random House, Globe Pequot, Open Road, Avalon, and others. Paris and John live with their dogs and cats in the Texas Hill Country.

About is a site written for dog lovers, by dog lovers. The site is published by husband-wife team John Bigley and Paris Permenter. includes daily tips, dog news, dog-centric festivals, giveaways, product reviews, celebrity canines, dog of the day, and more. For more information, visit

BlogPaws: For more BlogPaws info, check out their site at or click the badge to the right.

And about Life With Dogs’ Nigel and Neil…Don’t you just love this little bugger?!! It’s Nigel Buggers!

Nigel Buggers and family

Nigel Buggers and family

Life With Dogs creator Neil Brogan

Nigel and Neil Brogan

Nigel and Neil Brogan

A rescued greyhound who seems more human than dog thanks to his talented daddy-peep who keeps blog hoppers laughing at his photos and enjoying news on his blog.

About Life With Dogs from the Author, Neil Brogan:

“Life With Dogs has grown from my personal blog and creative outlet on Blogger. It is my mission to fetch the most interesting and relevant dog news and video for your consumption when I’m not busy creating goofy cartoons and Photoshopped dog fun, or starting a thought provoking debate on our active fan page. In other words, I’m all over the place.”


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