Top 20 Insane Pet Products for Crazy Owners

Oh pet lovers, say it isn’t so. has compiled a list of “Insane Pet Products for Crazy Pet Owners”…gasp!   Apparently, they don’t know that there is no crazy in our pet loving world!!  Blaggards! (For those unfamiliar with the term Blaggard, the Urban dictionary’s definition is: A villain, a rogue, an evil or “black-hearted” person.)

Crazy is a relative term my friends.

Here is a synopsis of  some notable items.

Puppy Tweets for your dog    Photo

Puppy Tweets for your dog Photo

An Accessory for Your Dog’s Twitter Account-Puppy Tweets by Matel


“With Puppy Tweets, a $30 device manufactured by Mattel, dogs all over the world can finally have their barks deciphered by wearing the nifty device on their collar.  Because that’s all they’ve ever really wanted: a heavy object hanging from their already tight collar and a social media presence.  You have something “the matter” with you if not only have a Twitter account for your dog and actually update it, but also need a collar so that it can keep up with its own “Twitterstream. Yes, this product is real.”

Our 2 cents and a woof:  We wish we had them for our dogs!  Oh, by the way, obviously they never checked pictures of OUR twitter friends!  Mostly dogs, cats and other assorted lovable critters.

The Fish Walker

The Goldfish Walker    Photo

The Goldfish Walker Photo


“Sometimes fishes need some fresh air and to exercise their ability to not die of a heart attack due to their world literally being turned on its side.  Yes, this product is exactly what it sounds like: A walker so that you can “walk” your goldfish like you would your dog.  Mick Madden is the creator behind the goldfish walker, which he uses to take his pet goldfish out for a stroll in the sun. He said “I was looking at my goldfish going round in circles in their bowl looking bored silly so I made this to take them out and about and they love it.”  Also, they go everywhere together.  To the park. To the pub. Even to the adult video store where he regularly picks up “the only women who love him for who he is.”

Our 2 cents and a woof:  Dude, what happens when you hit a gravel walkway?  Are you dead in the water?  Just sayin’.

Butt Covers photo

Butt Covers


“Have you ever stared at a poop slowly emerging out of a dog’s anus before plopping onto the soft, green grass? I haven’t. You have? That’s gross, man, why are you even looking at that. You got problems. Anyway, that experience is the reason this contraption exists. “Rear Gear” butt covers for dogs, a colorful placard that ties around the pup’s tail and hides their hole from the public. Thank God that this problem is finally being tackled in our society because I was actually scared to take my children outdoors because of this… wait no, because of the people who will actually buy this.”

Our 2 cents and a woof: Just wondering if you have time to remove it prior to use?  It’s a whole different kind of doggie door.

Photo montage of pet products

Other items on the list: The Dog Snuggie, doggie thongs, doggie mink coats, automatic dog washer, sex toy for dogs, sparkling water for dogs, “No More Butts” dog perfume, the kitty wig, a luxury dog house, the dog treadmill, poop auto-collector, gold thread pet mattress, nail paw-lish, pet tattoos, cat toilet,  automatic ball launcher, automatic cat laser toy.

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Pet Blogger Support congratulates Kol’s Notes

Kol’s Notes is a puggle-iishious blog and self proclaimed, “One dog’s blog celebrating good food, good friends and the good life”.

Kolchak Puggle photo

Kolchak Puggle photo

About Me

Kolchak Puggle (aka Kol, Koly) is a pug/beagle cross hailing from beautiful Vancouver, BC. He has a keen interest in all things food related, so much that he sent his Mom/Secretary back to school to study Canine Nutrition. Together, Kol and Mom spend their free time coming up with new and delicious healthy, wholesome dog treats and hanging out with Koly’s brother Felix.

Do stop by and give them some pet bloggy love! You will be glad you did!

Pet News- Chaser the Border Collie, thanks for making us feel inadequate

Chaser the dog   Photo: Cass Sapir/Nova Science Now

Chaser the dog Photo: Cass Sapir/Nova Science Now

Recently the NY Times ran an article about Chaser the border collie and her amazing 1,022 word vocabulary. (WOW!)   Initially we felt as if Chaser was a super dog, unlike our own dogs.  Our dogs are smart, know all of the basic commands, but by no means have a vocabulary even in the hundreds of words.

Chaser’s owner, John W. Pilley, a retired psychologist,  spent 4-5 hours a day training her. (WOW!)  He actually said she still demands 4-5 hours of training a day and he goes to bed to “Get away from her”.

Touche mademoiselle puppy dog, touché! So, now, this just reinforces the “Be careful what you wish for” adage.  It seems that Mr. Pilley is in a pickle about his psychological permutation that has now plunged him into a hypothesis of puppy purgatory play.

We will stick with our “Come, Sit, Stay” commands.

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Croc’s tummy rings from cell phone (video)


KIEV, Ukraine – The crocodile in “Peter Pan” happily went “tick-tock” after swallowing an alarm clock but a crocodile in Ukraine has been a little less fortunate.

Gena, a 14-year-old crocodile at an aquarium in the eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk, has been refusing food and acting listless after eating a cell phone dropped by a woman as she tried to photograph him.

Aquarium workers initially didn’t believe Rimma Golovko, a new mother in her 20s, when she complained that the crocodile had swallowed her phone.

“But then the phone started ringing and the sound was coming from inside our Gena’s stomach and we understood she wasn’t lying,” said Alexandra, an employee who declined to give her last name as she wasn’t authorized to speak publicly.

Golovko admits the accident was her fault. She stretched out her arm to snap a photo of Gena opening his mouth and dropped her Nokia phone into the water.

“This should have been a very dramatic shot, but things didn’t work out,” she said.

Golovko is resigned to losing her phone, but still wants its SIM card back since that has her precious photos and contacts.

The mishap has caused bigger problems for the crocodile, which has not eaten or had a bowel movement in four weeks and appears depressed and in pain.

“The animal is not feeling well,” said Alexandra. “His behavior has changed, he moves very little and swims much less than he used to.”

Doctors tried to whet the crocodile’s appetite this week by feeding him live quail rather than the pork or beef he usually gets once a week. The quail were injected with vitamins and a laxative, but while Gena smothered one bird, he didn’t eat it.  He also won’t play with three fellow African crocodiles, despite being the leader in the group. Crocodiles can live up to 100 years.

“He is the biggest and the oldest, perhaps he went for the phone to protect his group,” Alexandra said.


AnnieWear, Animal-Themed Infant & Toddler Clothing and Gifts E-Retailer Gives Back!

Roland and Annie the dog (photo)

Roland and Annie the dog (photo)

How do you combine your love of animals and desire to help animal rescues with your passion for business and wrap it up into a kids’ online store with a mission? With, that’s how!  Inspired by a rescue dog named Annie, the store offers unique, high quality and just plain adorable animal-themed items that give back. When you shop at portions of sales are donated to animal rescues. In it’s first year donated more than $3,000 to these needy organizations. was launched in 2010 by Laurene Parlatore, when she and her husband Bill adopted a rescue dog named Annie. Around the same time, they became an aunt and uncle and pursued baby gift shopping with great enthusiasm. Realizing how similar babies and animals are − sweet, innocent and vulnerable − AnnieWear blends the two and fills a need for cute, animal-themed, and fun baby and toddler gifts that have greater meaning.

“The distinguishing feature to the business is that from day one, it supports animal rescues and animal education programs” says Laurene Parlatore. “The more we sell, the more we can give to the rescues which are so desperately trying to save unwanted, abandoned and even worse, abused animals. We started with our own line of onesies and t-shirts, then began the search to find complimentary products from companies that we like and trust. You can’t help breaking into a big smile when you see an AnnieWear onesie with little Annie’s likeness and charming sayings “Good Boy, Good Girl”, or feel you’re making a difference when you buy a toddler t-shirt proclaiming “My Kitty is Adopted: Rescue Shelters Rule.”

When you need a special gift for that special little someone in your life and you want it to mean something more, shop at Your gift recipient will be truly touched by your generosity in every way!

Awww! Super cute AnnieWear (Photo)

Awww! Super cute AnnieWear (Photo)

For more smiles and to learn more about Annie, you can view her videos Annie Tales: The Adventure of a Rescue Puppy at and on You Tube.  You can also become her fan on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

Anti-Lick and Anti-Chew Strips Product Review and Giveaway

Does your dog chew the furniture or lick excessively? Two products from Nurtured Pets may help you to stop your pet’s behavior.

Anti Lick Strips Photo: Nurtured Pets

Anti Lick Strips Photo: Nurtured Pets

Anti-Lick Strip Prevent pet adhesive bandages are made with natural ingredients such lemon and oregano,  that deter your pet from licking biting an chewing surgical sites a, minor wounds and cuts.  They also can be used to deter the behavior as a result of separation anxiety boredom or other behavioral issues.

Anti Chew Strip Home Photo: Nurtured Pet

Anti Chew Strip Home Photo: Nurtured Pet

Anti-Chew Strip Home, another product from Nurtured Pets, deters chewing.  It is a roll of furniture-safe, peel-and-stick adhesive that you attach to the area being chewed.  It has a soft poly-foam backing so you can just cut the right size that you need for the area.  The special adhesive used in the product is designed not to harm the finish on wood furniture or leave a sticky gooey mess when is it removed.

This product has been clinically shown to stop the undesired chewing behavior in over 98% of puppies.  Anti-Chew Strip Home is also made with natural ingredients.Although we were not able to test these products on our pets, they would appear to help with specific issues some pet owners may be experiencing.

Would you like to win a box of Anti-Chew Strip Home and a package of Anti-lick Strip Prevent?

Here is how to enter:

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You can enter up to 6 times.  If you already friend, follow etc., just let us know which entries you qualify for.

The contest runs now through February 11, at 11:59 PM

Joy Pet Products Gives Back with Joy – Spread It Around

Rowley, MA (November 29, 2010) – Two things never go out of style – good taste and goodwill. Both of which come naturally to Joy Pet Products. Located in Rowley, Massachusetts, Joy Pet Products has been warming pups with their doggie coats and charitable efforts since 1999.

Currently, Joy Pet Products is sponsoring their Joy – Spread It Around campaign, with 100% of the embroidered Perfect Fit Hoodie profits being donated to charity. Named appropriately, the Perfect Fit Joy – Spread It Around hoodie is designed to fit any pup, Chihuahua (XXS) to Boxer (XL), and covers the hips while leaving enough room underneath for even male dogs. Made from the some of the finest fleece available, including Polartec™ and Power Stretch™, the Perfect Fit Hoodie is the ultimate in comfort and style. And rest assured, all Joy Pet Products’ items are constructed to the highest standards in the USA and Canada.

Joy Pet Products’ founder Patti Wilson, comments, “When you make coats for dogs, how can you worry about one dog staying warm and not another?” She explains, “We’re committed to doing our part. A portion of all our profits, in addition to all our Joy – Spread It Around hoodie profits, are donated to organizations that do exceptional work on behalf of exceptional animals.”

A few of the many organizations Joy Pet Products has proudly supported in the past are Best Friends Animal League, Northeast Animal Shelter, Save A Yorkie Foundation, Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue Efforts and North Shore Animal League America. This year’s annual donation will be made at the end of 2010 and will help another very special group of animals.

Joy Products Hooded Goose Down Coat Photo: Joy Product

Joy Products Hooded Goose Down Coat Photo: Joy Products

Joy – Spread It Around hoodies are available in sizes XXS to XL and designed to return the joy pets give us. Prices start at $50, with all profits ear-marked for the company’s annual donation. For more information, please visit to buy the perfect  gift for your dog and treat another to the gift of charity, at the same time.

About Joy Pet Products

Home to their signature Goose Down Filled Doggie CoatTM and Perfect Fit Hoodie, Joy Pet Products is where style and functionality coincide with meticulous quality. Each piece is designed to perfectly fit a pooch’s stylish needs today, tomorrow and next year. Joy Pet Products’ renowned Goose Down Filled Doggie Coat is so revolutionary it’s patented, and will live up to any pet parent’s highest expectations. Live life to the fullest, no matter the weather conditions, with Joy Pet Products. For more information visit, or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Guinea Pigs Heat Lamp Mistaken for Pot Farm

Sometimes you run across a story that is not only unbelievable but also…unbelievable!

Guinea Pigs or Pot Farm? Photo:Photolibrary

Guinea Pigs or Pot Farm? Photo:Photolibrary

Quirkie News from Australia, from Orange News

Police swooped on a suspected cannabis factory – only to find the suspicious heat source was a heater for two guinea pigs.

Officers arrived after a police helicopter detected a hotspot on the roof of a house garage in Bradford, reports The Mirror.

Police have apologised for any distress the raid caused to the guinea pigs’ owner, 42-year-old Pam Hardcastle.

Mrs Hardcastle, a primary school learning mentor, said: “I’d gone to work and got a call from my mum who said you need to come home.

“The police came on the phone and said: ‘We think you’re growing cannabis in your garage.

“I said: ‘No, it’s a heater to keep my guinea pigs warm because it’s been so cold’.”

Mrs Hardcastle said that despite the embarrassment the incident had caused, she did not criticise the police.

“I think the police do a really good job and I do understand why they did it,” she said. “It ‘s just unfortunate it was me.”

Insp Darren Brown said: “I would like to apologise for the distress this may have caused. However, I would point out that these tactics are essential in tackling drugs across the district.”