launches radio show for Pet Lovers


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE launches radio show for Pet Lovers launches globally syndicated radio show, “Pets Teach Us So Much”, with stars Robbin and Joseph Everett

Joseph Everett and Robbin Everett of will host the globally syndicated, "Pets Teach Us So Much" Radio Show

Joseph Everett and Robbin Everett of will host the globally syndicated, "Pets Teach Us So Much" Radio Show

OCEAN GROVE, NJ (December 31, 2010) is launching a globally syndicated radio show just for pet lovers. The show, “Pets Teach Us So Much” will star Web TV hosts and bloggers Robbin and Joseph Everett.  The program will feature animal loving celebrities, training specialists, veterinarians, rescue groups, product reviews, blogs and books of interest to pet owners.

Joseph Everett stated, “Listeners will need to hold on to their hats because this show will be a wild ride.  Our gritty, street-smart style will keep people laughing and engaged. It will be great to be able to take questions from our audience and have listeners participate in our show.”  Wife and co-host Robbin Everett added, “Even our dogs will have a segment on the show.  What!? Why are you looking at me like I have 3 heads?  Of course they talk.”

The premiere show will air January 2, 2011 at 11:00 AM EST and is accessible globally, on demand or live, through the Website, (, BlogTalkRadio and downloadable through iTunes. is the #1 Pet Web TV Show in the world viewed in over 30 countries via the website,  The show features a variety of interesting topics for pet lovers and has been renewed for a third season.  Stars and Hosts Robbin and Joseph Everett are a married couple, owned by two ten pound dogs. For more information visit the website ( or Pets Teach Us So Much Blog ( .

To schedule and interview with Robbin and Joseph Everett, send an email inquiry to

Pet News:Press Release, Predicts Top Pet Trends for 2011

Press Release

For Immediate Release: Ocean Grove, NJ

Pet News: Pet Lifestyle Experts Predict The Top 5 Pet Trends for 2011

Economists and marketers take note! Pet lifestyle experts and show hosts Robbin and Joseph Everett predict the top 5 pet trends for 2011.  The pet industry power house couple spent time analyzing trends and researching data in the pet industry.  Joseph Everett stated, “There are definite trends emerging for the coming year.  The economy, the environment and the state of mind of the average consumer are all contributing factors patterns emerging.”  Co-host and wife Robbin Everett stated, “The upcoming year will be extremely interesting in terms of what people have come to expect when making purchasing decisions.”

The Everetts predict the emerging trends are as follows:

1.)  An increase in savvy consumers will push brands to fully disclose and maximize nutritional content while making more natural pet food and snack choices widely available at reasonable prices.

Not everyone has access to a specialty store or can afford high price pet food, but consumers will continue to analyze what is available in the grocery store, making “Natural” or “Organic” choices when they are available and within a price range they can afford.  Robbin Everett explained, “People want to make informed decisions regarding pet nutrition.  They are becoming more sophisticated and educated regarding the nutritional needs of their pets.”

2.) Web TV and  Pet Bloggers  will become more influential  regarding buying decisions.

The world will continue to become smaller as social media becomes more predominant in the lives of pet pawrents.  On line communities, Web TV, YouTube, blogs, Twitter and Facebook disseminate information at lightening speed.  Pawrents can access information about pet products, health and training instantly via the web. Now with laptops,  iPads, and web access via phone, information can be accessed in the store, car or coffee shop.

As the influence of the Pet Blogging community increases with award event such as The Pet Blog Awards and conferences such as Blog Paws, advertising dollars will increase in the Web TV and Blog arenas.  “Pet product manufactures are still trying to figure out the nuances of social media.” Robbin stated. Joe explained, “We are currently working with pet related brands to increase their visibility via social media. The inquires we are receiving from major manufacturers are trending toward ground breaking, paradigm shifts and partnerships for projects that will be so different from anything the marketplace has seen before.  The old boy’s club, traditional way of thinking will lead to a slow painful death of some brands.  They will realize that they missed the boat in a few years.” Robbin agreed, smiled and added, “The winners in the 2011 pet marketplace will be those who are like ‘Star Trek’…they bravely go where no brand has gone before.”

3.) The availability of Educational Toys for Pets will increase.

Pet consumers consider their pets their “Furbabies”.  Joseph Everett explains, “As the Baby Boomer generation ages and becomes empty nesters, they will look for stimulating activities for their pets.  We already see an increase in scheduled activities such as agility and play dates, so the market for educational toys for pets is a natural progression as awareness for pets to be mentally stimulated and challenged increases.”

4.) Green Awareness will increase driving the eco-friendly market place to new heights in 2011.

Some eco-friendly choices are available in the market place for pet beds, clothing, toys and collars, but many more will emerge.  The BP oil disaster has reignited awareness in the collective consciousness of the pet consumer.  Joseph Everett explained, “Watching the mayhem that humanity reeks on the animals in the environment will drive 2011 into the biggest eco-conscious pet marketplace ever.”  Robbin agreed adding,   “Eco-friendly cat litter and eco-friendly dog poop bags are two hot product categories to watch.  Durable, well made eco-friendly pet accessories such as collars and beds will also increase in demand.”

5.) Economical Whimsy Will Prevail

Fun, safe, inexpensive products with a sense of humor will help people relax and have fun with their pets.  Items such as colored pet fur styling aids to give Fido a blue Mohawk,  trendy bandanas and pet collar charms will make Pawrents feel good about pampering their pets. Robbin explained, “Consumers do not have huge amounts of disposable income for extras right now.”  Joseph added, “Pet Parents want to pamper and show off their best friends.  A little bling will be the thing Pawrents are looking for to make their anipals feel special.” is the #1 Pet Web TV Show in the world, watched by millions of pet lovers in over 35 countries.

Watch The Everetts discuss Pet Trends for 2011 in this special episode of

To schedule an interview with Robbin and Joseph Everett, email

Pictures of the Blizzard at the Jersey Shore, December 26-27, 2010

This is the view from our 2nd floor deck. The lump on the right is our grill, the railing is barely visible. Cars are buried on the left and the ocean is in the distance.

These are the doors leading out to the deck. The snow drift is about 4 ft. high. Philomena likes to go out on the deck and play in the snow...not today.

A work van parked on the side of the road surrounded by swirls of drifting snow.

So it’s about 10:30 AM and the street looks exactly the same as it did hours ago when these pictures were taken at dawn.  Let’s face it, we are going to be lucky if we get “dug out” by tomorrow.  The drifting snow is just blowing and blowing.  The screens are rattling.  Vehicles are stuck all over the place.    This my friends, is why snowbirds fly south for the winter.  Miami anyone?

Will a time out work for pups?

We found this article by Megan Maxwell and thought it was interesting…Control canines with time-outs

Megan MaxwellDecember 5, 2010 12:23am EST

Muddy paws can ruin an outfit and even little dogs can tear stockings and scratch ankles with their jumping. Jumping is extremely common among puppies and adult dogs, and is one frequent reason that owners hire dog trainers or animal behaviorists. Dogs are a social species. This sociability also results in their affection for being close to their human family members and, in particular, close to their loved ones’ faces. Jumping on someone is one way to get closer to the face for a nose-to-nose greeting, complete with a big lick across the cheek.

Unfortunately, many people find this greeting behavior less than endearing, and wish to reduce it but don’t know how.

Owners can take advantage of the power of their attention by using a procedure that combines a time-out with reinforcement for good behavior.

The time-out works as follows. Work in 10-minute training sessions once or twice a day by the front door. Have treats in your pocket or in a jar outside of the dog’s reach.

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Power Paw Product Review & Giveaway

Our little dogs have a tough time gaining traction on our hardwood floor.  Philomena, the Miniature Pinscher, flies around the floor like a Formula One racecar with no brakes.  To her credit, she will use soft objects to slow herself down.  She will leap across the floor onto her bed which is against the wall in an attempt to stop the forward motion.  Chachala, our Chihuahua, will slip and slide when she tries to gain speed.  Our dog’s mobility truly worries us both, as we are always reminding the girls to take in easy and slow down.

Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to test out Power Paws.  Basically they are socks with rubber treads to increase grip.

Power Paws

Power Paws

We received the packages of Power Paws and they are sooo cute!

Chachala is a fashionista, so she was the first to choose which pair of Power Paws she wanted to try.

Chachala checking out Power Paws

Chachala checking out Power Paws

Donning the Power Paws was easiest when we rolled them inside out over our index finger and thumb then gently holding the sides of the paw and rolling it up over the paw.  It was a little tricky until we got our groove, then we got it down.  This was the result:

Chachala trying on Power Paws

Cha is thinking..."Is that dish scrubby brush trying to clean my ear? By the way, Ummmm…there are 'Things' on my paws!"

They looked adorable!

Function definitely met form.  The Power Paws kept the dogs from sliding on the floor.  Although they took a few moments to adjust to having the Power Paws on, they didn’t slide a bit once they started walking around.  Cha wore hers into her bed and one came off from grabbing the pile fleece in the bed but she modeled the Power Paws and trotted while we told her how pretty she looked.

The Power Paws would also come in handy if one of the dogs paws were injured, as topical medicines and dressings could be protected.  They would be very good to have on hand for any breed of dog.

Phil in Power Paws

Phil in Power Paws

We believe that with continued positive condition our dogs could wear the Power Paws on a day to day basis and enjoy the benefits of not sliding around on the floor.  Whether or not you have non-carpeted flooring, Power Paws are good to have in your emergency bag to assist with dressing hurt paws and recommended retail price is $19.99.

One lucky reader will win a set of Power Paws.

You can enter repeatedly in the following ways:

Leave a comment regarding why your dog would like Power Paws

Join our community (see the application to the right)

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You can enter up to 6 times.  If you already friend, follow etc., just let us know which entries you qualify for.

The contest runs now through January 5. One winner will be chosen at random .  Good luck and Happy Holidays!

For more information about Power Paws go to:

It’s not too late to pick up a gift for your pup or kitteh! Hartz dog & cat toy review with giveaway!

With all of the rushing around most of us are doing this time of year, it’s no wonder we don’t self destruct in a ball of stress. You may be thinking, “Hey, wait a minute, did you say ‘Ball’…OMDog, I forgot a pet present”. Never fear, the Woofy Woo Crew is here to help make your day merry and your shopping easier.

Let us share some information regarding Hartz brand dog and cat toys.  Hartz recently sent us a box of toys to test, so we could see what is new and exciting in the market place.

Hartz Dog and Cat Toys

Hartz Dog and Cat Toys

Wow, we were really surprised at the fabulous box of fun that arrived.  Upon examination, the toys appear to be heavy duty, stitched well and made with strong, sturdy materials that will stand the test of time.

The box of toys included the:

Hartz Game, Set, Match-This classic tennis ball dog toy features a custom rubber formula made exclusively for Hartz-perfect for active dogs who love to chew, fetch, catch and chase.  Recommended retail price, $1.69

Hartz Run ‘N Romp– The classic Run ‘N Romp dog toy come in an assortment of colorful characters.  Each toy is constructed durable canvas on the outside, soft polyester filling on the inside with a squeaker for added fun. Recommended retail, $2.19

Hartz Natural Collection Quackers– Bring the outdoors inside.  These realistic plush dog toys come in a variety of colors and include interactive squeakers that sound just like real birds. They are sure to bring out the hunter in your dog. Recommended retail, $6.99

Hartz Tiny Dog Heads and Tails– This toy is made with soft, durable, lightweight rope that is great for tugging, chewing or fetching and ideal for tiny dogs.  Recommended Retail: $3.59

Hartz Dura Play Bone-These toys are perfect for toss and retrieve games with your dog.  In addition, it features the Power Play Core ™, a unique foam technology that enhances durability and provides an unmatched chewing experience. Recommended Retail $2.99 for small, $5.29 for medium.

Hartz Chew’n Clean Dental-Duo-These bacon-flavored bones help to remove tartar from your dog’s teeth by encouraging chewing and are available in three sizes for you convenience. Recommended Retail Range: $3.29-$6.99

Hartz Floppy Fantasy (See Review)-This dog toy is constructed of soft, plush bodies with dual stitched pressure points for added strength.  Each unique and colorful design comes with a squeaker to keep your dog entertained for hours. Recommended Retail: $7.79

Hartz Dura Play Ball-With long-lasting, washable foam-filled latex material, these dog toys are ideal for toss and retrieve games.  In addition, the texture is perfect for dogs that love to chew.  Recommended Retail: $2.49 small-$5.29 medium

Hartz Tuff Stuff Nose Divers– Tuff Stuff Nose Divers are durable twisted rope that is perfect for tug-of-war games.  Recommended Retail $5.99

Hartz At Play Frisky Frolic Pet Toy (See Review)-Made of specially formulated, safe, and durable latex for a long enjoyable chewing experience, these textured dog toys come in a variety of fun characters and bright colors.  Recommended Retail: $3.89

Hartz 5 Pack Mini Mice– Bring out the hunter in your cat with these cute and colorful mice that are lightweight and perfectly sized.  And it includes catnip to keep your feline on the prowl for hours. Recommended Retail: 3.29

Hartz Marty Mouse with Catnip-Hartz Marty Mouse Cat Toy is an oversized colorful plush mouse with a jingling bell, a fluttering feather on his tail and filled with catnip.  This toy is sure to provide hours of entertainment for your cat.  Recommended Retail: $2.39

The Review

We picked 2 toys to randomly test.  Chachala, our Chihuahua was in charge of testing the Hartz Floppy Fantasy (pictured below, right) and Philomena the Miniature Pinscher was in charge of testing the Hartz At Play Frisky Frolic Pet Toy (pictured below, left).

Game on my little friends.

Game on my little friends.

When they saw us cutting the tags off of the toys, they immediately came over and started to cry.  Chachala grabbed that toy and ran over to the carpet while shaking it, growling and squeezing the squeaker.  She was having a blast!

Chachala shaking her test toy on

Chachala shaking her test toy.

Phil was so intrigued by the texture of the Hartz At Play Frisky Frolic Pet Toy, she kept biting it and the squeaker had her going big time.  She was jumping all over the place attacking it.  Then she picked it up, carried it over to the carpet and had a squeak-fest right along side of Chachala.

Phil was really checking this toy out.  Luckily we snapped a picture at the exact moment of the size up!

Philomena checking out her toy...obviously she takes her work seriously.

Philomena checking out her toy...obviously she takes her work seriously.

Let’s hear from the testers:

Chachala: I love this fuzzy toy.  I shake it, I squeak it, I GRRR like a big dog when I play with it.  I give it 4 PAWS UP!

Philomena: I was like, this is the most awesome toy paws-able.  The squeak-a-de-squeak-a with the bounciness was making me try to bite it, and then the nubbins were making me shake it even more.  I had so much fun! I give it 4 PAWS UP!

And now the 2 toy give away to one lucky winner!

You can enter repeatedly in the following ways:

Leave a comment on which toys you think your dog or cat would like and why

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You can enter up to 6 times.  If you already friend, follow etc., just let us know which entries you qualify for.

The contest runs now through January 4, 12:00PM EST. One winner will be chosen at random and receive 2 toys.  Sorry, open to US mailing addresses only.  Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Hartz toys are available at Walmart, Kmart, Kroger, grocery stores and drug stores nationwide.

For more information visit


Diane (middle) and fellow dog owner Jackie Idler-Lash (left) help Kelly Simonetti, (right) owner of Sanctuary load the cages for transport back to the sanctuary.

Diane (middle) and fellow dog owner Jackie Idler-Lash (left) help Kelly Simonetti, (right) owner of Sanctuary load the cages for transport back to the sanctuary.



A rescued baby raccoon at Antler Ridge

Baby cute!

A swinging squirrel in rescue nirvana...Antler Ridge

A swinging squirrel in rescue nirvana...Antler Ridge

A Squirrel in a swing in one of the cages learning how to open nuts will be release in the spring.  A small opossum one of 8 babies brought to the sanctuary and was release this fall back to the wild, an orphaned baby raccoon brought to the sanctuary by a Good Samaritan was one of the lucky ones treated and released by the Sanctuary this year.

Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife rehabilitation center that provides care to orphaned or injured wild life.  They licensed by the state of New Jersey to care for Fawns Raccoon, Skunks Opossums, Squirrels, Rabbits, Woodchucks and other small mammals.  The Sanctuary a 120 acre preserved farm is located in Warren County, New Jersey. We are a 501©3 nonprofit organization.  We are entirely supported by public donations and volunteers. They receive no local, state or federal funding. 

The mission of Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary is to provide care and treatment to sick, injured or orphaned wild animals. Rehabilitate them back to their wild state so they can be returned to the wild.  To actively educate the public to care for the ecosystems and support the environment in which they live and the wildlife they share it with.  To protect and preserve our native lands for the future wildlife habitat.

If you would like to support the Sanctuary like Diane and others you can call the Sanctuary Directly at 973-800-2420, Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary will be accepting Volunteer applications for this year’s season, you can fill out a application on line or call the sanctuary.

Credit Card donations can be taken at Send your tax deductible check made out to Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary, 52 county road 661 Newton NJ 07860

Visit our website at

Christmas Miracle-Pet returned 5 years after Katrina

Good news from Biloxi, Miss!

From AP

BILOXI, Miss. (AP) — Five years after wandering away in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath, a gray and white cat named Scrub has been reunited with his Mississippi family
The Humane Society of South Mississippi says Scrub was identified by an implanted microchip. The 7-year-old cat was brought to the shelter by a Gulfport woman who’d fed him as a stray the past couple of months but worried about his safety during a cold snap.
Scrub’s owner, Jennifer Noble, tells The Sun Herald newspaper that she was skeptical at first when she received a call from the shelter. But by the end of the first night back, Scrub had snuggled in bed with one of her boys.
The woman who’d been feeding him lives about 15 miles away. Noble says Scrub is in excellent condition.

Authors note: This may not be a story that grabbed national headlines, but as pet lovers, we were so glad to hear this great news.