George the baby elephant (amazing ultrasound photo)

From the Telegraph:

An elephant in utero. Photo: WHIPSNADE/PA

The amazing photographs show George, the latest elephant to be born at Whipsnade Zoo, a full nineteen months before he was born.

But the three-dimensional ultrasound scanner and tiny camera, which recorded the pregnancy from conception to birth, were able to detect his trunk developing just three months into the 22-month pregnancy.

Ultrasound scans are carried out throughout the process to monitor the health and wellbeing of mother and baby.

A year and a half after the images were recorded, George’s amazing birth was filmed.

George was 124 kilograms when he was born – which is more than a human adult – and now at six months old he weighs around 60 stone.

He is a boisterous member of the herd of Asian elephants at the Zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, where he loves to play in the 7-acre paddock with his big sister Donna.

Zoo spokeswoman Rebecca Smith said: “We have a team come over from Berlin to take ultrasound scans of all our pregnant elephants.

“It is normal procedure but the clarity of the images varies of course. But this is one of the clearest we have ever seen with the trunk so visible. It is unmistakably an elephant.”


Tiger Poo and Pawprints could save the species.

Siberian Tiger

From the Telegraph:

At the moment wildlife agencies frequently spend tens of thousands of pounds using cameras to monitor their presence at just one site.

Such surveillance is essential to determine whether numbers are rising or falling, and to locate the strongholds that humans should leave alone.

However, now Indian experts have discovered that mapping tiger paw prints and their faeces together produces results that are just as good as using cameras.

The method costs less than a tenth that of the camera approach and takes a third of the time.

Dr Yadvendradev Jhala of the Wildlife Institute of India, who led the study, said: “Tigers are cryptic, nocturnal and occur at low densities so they are extremely difficult to monitor.

“Unless we know how many tigers are left in the wild, and whether their numbers are increasing or decreasing, we will not be able to conserve them.”

Tigers are among the most threatened top carnivores in the world, with less than 3,200 left in the wild across the globe.


Pet Blogger Support salutes “The Daily Corgi”

The Daily Corgi is a blog with a great tag line…”Life is short, get the biscuits”.  This blog that is truly a feast for the eyes, especially those who see the world through Corgi colored glasses.   The beautiful pictures of hand crafted dog-centric gifts features different artists.

One of the beautiful Corgi-centric items featured on this blog. This is a painting by featured artist Lyn Hamer Cook. Her work is available on Etsy.

Lots of great ideas for the holidays!

Congratulations to Laurie, head blogger, who is  a confessed “Dog-a-holic”, much like many of us, for a great blog.  Do stop by and give a look, you will be glad you did!

Dog goes shopping on Black Friday (video) by Jasmine

Oh that Jasmine! Perhaps this is what happens when Black Friday hits and we are at the stores thinking our pups are home!

Meet Jasmine and lots of great pets in the Woofy Woo Crew. Join our Community.

What pets teach us about Thanksgiving. Do you have Turkey Guards?

Turkey Guards are defined as four legged creatures that guard the Turkey while it’s in any stage of preparation. Whether it’s defrosting, getting a wash and paper towel pat dry, getting stuffed, seasoned or roasted, our four legged beasts are standing by.  We can only assume, they are guarding the bird from theft as if their lives depend on it.

This year, our two dogs, Chachala the Chihuahua and Philomena the Miniature Pinscher will have an added challenge during the turkey preparation.  They will be watching Mommy and Poppy attempt to prepare their turkey in this:

The turkey cooking thingy...or a space shuttle for poulty.

So the space shuttle has nothing on us this year. Hopefully this contraption will not launch during cooking and start orbiting the earth as a UFT, (Unidentified Flying Turkey-cooker). Attempting to keep the oven free for the other stuff to be baked has become a challenge felt by the masses for years.  We can’t guarantee that this will work well mind you, but we are going to try.

The roaster has a rack in it so we should be OK with the browning of said bird.  This has been the topic of discussion in our house for quite some time.  Joe likes browned foods.  Brown to me, equates to dry food.  Perhaps it’s my mother’s fault.

So as your little four legged dogs and cats prepare to guard your Thanksgiving Turkey, keep in mind, some may argue, the beasts guard the floor from becoming overcome with savory bits of tasty goodness.  In fact, whether it’s guarding the Turkey or guarding the floor, I guess it all depends on how you look at it.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING FUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES!  Have a wonderful day, and let the games begin on black Friday.

Hugs and Woofy Woo from the Cast and Crew

Cat and Gator-People are crazy

So much gator news and so little time this past few weeks.  With that said, maybe you have seen this video of a cat becoming aggressive with a gator or croc, not sure which.  We find it absolutely ridiculous that everyone stands around talking/commenting about the cat, but no one tries to stop it from going near the gator.  No one seems to be concerned that a  small child is petting the cat about 6 feet from the water’s edge and the gators.  One of the gators looks like he would have been more than happy to bite a man’s leg as well.

What do you think?

Celebrity Pet Gossip: Paris Hilton rescued rabbits from becoming snake food

Some celebutants do have a big heart… Paris Hilton appears to be one of those special celebutants.

In September, the 29-year-old heiress twittered that she walked into a pet shop and bought a bunch of bunnies destined to become snake food.  (For mighty big snakes?)

She brought the bunnies home and they now live in her back yard.  We sure hope Paris stays out of jail with given her August arrest for felony cocaine possession.  The bunnies may not be so “hoppy” about that.

Paris Hilton and some of her rescued bunnies Photo: Paris Hilton

Paris twittered:

“I had to save them,” she wrote. “I rescued 20 of them. They are now happy living in my backyard. They are all so happy, so nice to have changed their fate.”

We can assume Paris and the bunnies both like carats/carrots, so they should all get along just fine.

Nice save Paris, very Woofy Woo of you!

Home design with pets in mind

After reading a recent article in The NY Times highlight pet-centric room design, we had a “V-8” moment.  You know that, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” thought process.

Here is an actual piece of “pet centric”furniture in a home in Kobe, Japan.

The picture shows a counter top with cabinet access to a feeding station, potty station/litter box and a crate or private rest area for your pet.  All functions are hidden in a standard looking piece of furniture.  This is a fabulous idea for a pet friendly office as well.

In addition, some photos show cat stairs that look like Formica shelves mounted up the wall and over doorways offer custom jungle gyms for any playful feline.

Why not?

Pet Blogger Support Saturday Salutes, “Barking Out Loud”

Barking Out Loud is an adorable blog written by Yoda, a German Shepard, Lab mix. Just amazing that he can type with those big paws!  He just looks like a big ol’ cuddle muffin of a dog that loves the great outdoors.  In addition, Yoda and his mom help to raise funds and awareness for those less fortunate animals.

Yoda as a pup...don't 'cha just want to hug him?

About the Author from the Author:

…Mostly mom helps me type my blog and comments on my friends’ blogs. We blog about fun stuff and sometimes issues that we support (or want to complain about). Mom works for Virginia State Parks so I talk about our visits to her parks sometimes…

Do stop by and give Yoda some Pet Bloggy love! You will be glad you did!