Pet News, Celebrity Camel Picks Football Games for NY Giants and NY Jets

Breaking Pet News from the Camel Corral!

You know we love Princess the Camel from the Popcorn Park Zoo in Forked River, NJ.  She is such a sweetheart.  You may have seen her on some of our shows in the past,  along with John Bergman, Zoo Director.  Princess was owned by famous philanthropist Doris Duke.  When Princess’ sister passed due to an infection, the trustees of the Duke estate started looking for a permanent home for Princess.  That’s when she came to Popcorn Park.  Her care, and the care of all of the animals in the zoo,  is totally funded by donations from caring people like you.

That’s why we love to feature Princess and the Popcorn Park on our site and blog.  John Bergman, his staff, volunteers and animal lovers who sponsor animals at the zoo or adopt from their dog, cat or other available small animals are all SUPER WOOFY WOO and we salute you all!

A little known fact about Princess is that she loves the NY Giants and NY Jets football teams…and graham crackers!  She picks the winners for the NY teams via choosing a graham cracker out of John’s hand with the teams written on the palms of his hands.  Here is her record thus far:

Week 1 – Pick: Baltimore Ravens over NY Jets. Correct! Ravens 10; Jets 9.

Week 2 – Pick:NY Giants over Indianapolis Colts. Incorrect. Colts 38; Giants 18.

Week 3 – Pick:NY Jets over Miami Dolphins. Correct! Jets 31; Dolphins 23.

She is picking the NY Giants vs the Chicago Bears game this week.  Let’s see what she has to say:

Hey John, come a little closer I want to whisper something to you.

What’s up girl?

THE JETS WON!!!!  Ha Ha Ha. That’s pay back for all the hump/hunch comments you made John.

Geez girl, you scared the hell out of me hollering like that. I wouldn’t be getting too over confident if I were you girl, you’re picking the Bears/Giants game this week. I know how much you like the Giants. But, the Bears are looking mighty good. They are undefeated so far this year.

I’m ready, I’m ready John. Let’s get to the part where I get to eat the crackers. Princess making her pick.

Her pick is The Giants.

Whoa girl, I just told you the Bears are undefeated. The Giants are playing like poop. They’re getting frustrated, taking penalties, turning the ball over. I don’t know about this one girl.

Nah, I don’t want to hear all that John, My buddy coach Tom is going to straighten them out and turn things around. No offense to BooBoo and the other bears here at the park but, the Giants are going to win this one.

Yeah girl good luck with this one.

Now let me finish up those graham crackers John.

If the Giants pull this one off and you’re right girl, there might be a TV so you can watch the games in the barn in the near future.

Do you think there will be a TV in Princess’ barn soon? Check back and see who wins!

Find our how to sponsor an animal at the Popcorn Park Zoo for only $4.00 a month.  There are other ways to help including donating your old cell phone.

Stinkbugs are the new bedbug



Seeking warmth for the winter, they’re crawling into homes, offices and hotels, and hitching rides in trucks, buses, even your handbag. Unlike the bedbug, the stinkbug, thankfully, doesn’t bite. To humans, they’re actually harmless; they don’t spread disease or destroy your property. (More on Why You Need to Worry About NDM-1: Not a ‘Superbug,’ But Still a Threat)

On the other hand, they smell when you squish or antagonize them. Really bad, sort of like a skunk.

They are also doing irreparable damage to fruit and vegetable crops in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states. The pests feast on all kinds of produce — from peaches and apples to soybeans and corn — leaving behind dry brown pock marks that make products unsellable. Even dairy farmers are concerned that stinkbugs will get into their cows’ feed, and stink up the milk supply.

Problem is, there’s no known natural predator of the brown marmorated stinkbug in the U.S. The ectoparasite is native to Asia, where, according to the New York Times: “a parasitic wasp helps control stinkbug populations by attacking their eggs. Unleashing those wasps here, however, is at least several years away because they would first need to be quarantined and studied.” (More on Itchy Bites: the Least of the Bedbug Epidemic’s Threats)

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Shocking pet news, snake enters Bronx home through toilet

From the Wall Street Journal:

Answering nature’s call turned into a wild encounter for a Bronx man when he discovered a 3-foot yellow-and-white snake with bright red eyes perched on his toilet seat, authorities said Tuesday. The man called 911 immediately reporting a “huge snake” in his bathroom late Monday night. Emergency services unit officers corralled the reptile and turned it over to the city’s Animal Care and Control center in Harlem. It was to be evaluated there before making a trip to a snake sanctuary somewhere in the area, officials said. While the incident evoked urban myths of reptiles slithering out of city toilets-not to mention alligators in sewers-it remains unclear how the nonvenomous corn snake made its way into the 19th-floor apartment in Soundview. The breed is native to Florida and other Southeastern states; such snakes are popular as pets because of their docile nature.

One possibility is that it crawled up plumbing pipes and out of the toilet, a proposition that is unlikely and scary but “within the realm of possibility,” according Jack Conrad, a herpetologist.

Visit the Wall Street Journal for the article.

Shocking pet news, Tiny cow enters the record books

From the BBC:

Swallow, a Dexter cow from Cheshire, stands 33.5in (0.8m) tall from hind to foot – shorter than most sheep. (Click the Guinness link below to see a picture.)

The 11-year-old, who is currently pregnant, has produced nine calves and is described by owner Caroline Ryder as the “nanny of the herd”.

Swallow secured a slot with the tallest dog, longest snake and oldest gorilla in the 2011 Guinness World Records.

The tiny cow was born in Newbury, Berkshire in 1999 and bought by the Ryder family at a rare breed auction in 2006.

Brought up in Rishworth, West Yorkshire, her small size means she is used for breeding, explained Mrs Ryder, who recently moved to Crossley Hall Farm, near Congleton.

Caroline Ryder  said, “She was quite small when she was born and she has grown proportionately,” she told the BBC.  “She is really sweet – an asset to the herd. For a small cow with short legs she can’t half move fast.”

The family approached Guinness after noticing a posting on a Dexter cattle forum from someone looking for the smallest cow.

After putting her name forward last year, Guinness confirmed the record a few months ago.

Mrs Ryder’s husband, Martyn, said: “I think she is just a genetic anomaly.”

Swallow now lives on her new farm near Congleton, Cheshire

Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records editor-in-chief, said the tiny cow was one of his personal favourites among the 3,000 new records.

Breaking Pet News, Katherine Heigl Donates One Million Dollars To Animal Cause

Katherine Heigl

Actress Katherine Heigl has announced that she will be donating one million dollars to spay and neuter programs in Los Angeles.  Many celebrities are supporting animal causes these days and it is nice to see those celebs share their good fortune.

As you may be aware, thousands of animals are killed each year in animal shelters to simply make room for new ones that are brought in.  “What’s happening is not only inhumane and morally reprehensible, it’s economically irresponsible,” Heigl said. “Killing is not a solution.”

In making the donation announcement, Heigl was joined by famous dog trainer Cesar Millan.

“I think we have to work a little harder and call ourselves a dog lover country,” he said.