Hot Celebrity Gossip: LiLo’s Ex-girlfriend is the center of dog attack turmoil

From TMZ

Lindsay, Sam and Cadillac the dog in happier times

Officials from the County Department of Animal Care & Control tell TMZ there is a criminal investigation underway to determine cause of death for Tiger, the 3-pound Maltese that was killed after Sam’s bulldog, Cadillac, got out of her apartment unit yesterday.

We’re told Ronson — who was sleeping at the time of the attack — is the subject of the criminal investigation.

An Animal Control official tells us they will be looking at the circumstances of the attack and Cadillac’s propensity for violence.

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TMZ also reports the dog was shipped to family members on the east coast. Pet Community Pet Picture of the Day-Regal Reba the dog

Reba Messina, Jr. looking regal!

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Shocking! Kitty thrown in garbage by neighbor, rescued by owners

This from BBC News:

Lola was left unhurt by her ordeal.

Lola the Kitty is AOK

Lola the kitty is A.O.K.

A woman filmed dumping a cat in a wheelie bin has said she is “profoundly sorry” for “a split second of misjudgement”.  The RSPCA said it would be interviewing Mary Bale after CCTV cameras showed her throwing four-year-old Lola into a bin outside her owners’ home in Coventry.

A Facebook group calling for Ms Bale’s death has been removed, the social networking site said.

Police said they were speaking to the 45-year-old about her personal safety.

Lola was rescued from the bin 15 hours later by her owner, Darryl Mann.

“It was a split second of misjudgement that has got completely out of control”, said Mary Bale.

Outrage was sparked among animal lovers earlier this week after the film – from security cameras outside their home – was posted online by Mr Mann’s wife Stephanie. The couple, of Bray’s Lane in Coventry, have said they are both “stunned” by the public reaction to the footage.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Ms Bale, a bank worker from Stoke, in Coventry, said: “I want to take this opportunity to apologise profusely for the upset and distress that my actions have caused.  I cannot explain why I did this, it is completely out of character and I certainly did not intend to cause any distress to Lola or her owners.  It was a split second of misjudgement that has got completely out of control.  I am due to meet with the RSPCA and police to discuss this matter further and will co-operate fully with their investigations.”

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An update…As summer winds down, the Crew is dispatched on special assignment.  Mystery will surround our special assignment until we can spill the beans, but trust us, it’s all good. Sorry there was no Pet Blogger Support featured blogger this week…here it is Sunday night, almost time for True Blood and we are behind schedule.

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Here is a lovely pet blogger blog hop with lots of really nice pet blogger folks you can get to know: Pet Community Cute Pet Picture of the Day, Mouse the Min Pin Looking Glam!

Mouse the Min Pin

Mouse the Min Pin in her glam outfit!

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Apache the Cob

Apache the Cob by Julie Lines

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Amazing Pet Tricks: Watch this head shaking Chihuahua boogie!

Xiao Xiao is a super talented Chihuahua! Watch closely, the last trick, “Dance”, as she shakes her head during her boogie. You go with your big bad self little Xiao Xiao! Lower the disco ball and put on your dancing shoes…all 4 of them! You can meet Xiao Xiao and our other Community friends. Pet Community Cute Pet Picture of the Day

Bailey looking pretty!

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Celebrity Interview: Glenn Plaskin, Author of Katie, Up and Down the Hall

On a clear, warm, summer Saturday, we ventured into Manhattan to spend some time with Glenn Plaskin, the author of a new book, Katie Up and Down the Hall.  Knowing that Plaskin has a history of writing articles and a book about celebrities did not prepare us for his beautifully appointed apartment, incidentally dotted with a plethora of autographed photos of celebrity icons. An autographed photo of Glenn with Nancy Reagan, another autographed headshot of Katherine Hepburn and a fabulous autographed headshot of Diana Ross were intimidating to say the least.   In the center of a table full of memories of a formidable career was perhaps his most important photo, a picture of Katie, his late cocker spaniel in her colorful birthday dress and hat.


Plaskin has an impressive resume that includes authoring books, Horowitz: The Biography of Vladimir Horowitz and Turning Point: Pivotal Moments in the Lives of America’s Celebrities, based on the syndicated column he wrote for the New York Daily News and Tribune Media Services.  He has written hundreds of articles that have appeared in Family Circle, Playboy, Us, W, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Ladies’ Home Journal and in hundreds of U.S. and foreign newspapers; including the New York Times and the New York Daily News.  In addition to the legendary figures mentioned above, he has interviewed Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Meryl Streep, Calvin Klein, Sophia Loren, Shirley MacLaine, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Peter Jennings, Anthony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Christopher Reeve, Carol Burnett, Dolly Parton, Harrison Ford, Robert DeNiro, Bette Midler, Cher and Oprah Winfrey.  He has appeared on numerous television shows including Oprah, Larry King and the Today Show to name a few.

Plaskin’s new book is a poignant memoir focusing on 16 years of his life with his beloved dog, Katie.

In Plaskin’s words:

“Some of the best things that happen in life are purely accidental. An intuition or spontaneous decision can take you almost anywhere, including to a profoundly close friendship that develops when you least expect it. That’s what happened to me. One day, with a brand-new puppy in my arms, I impulsively knocked on my next-door-neighbor’s door, anxious for advice about how to train her. Whether it was serendipity, luck, chemistry, or sheer proximity, that brief encounter, and the events that followed it, would change my life (and my dog’s forever.)”

This book is not just another dog story. In fact, it’s far from it.  You see, Katie is a talented and precocious cocker spaniel.  She uses the TV clicker, models, eats off of a fork and certainly steals the hearts of neighbors while becoming the nucleolus of her newly created urban family.

Here is what a few “folks” had to say about the book:

“Katie is an absolutely delightful story, so much more than a memoir. It is a wise and moving story of love found-and shared on life’s journey-and then the inevitable separation. Reading it you will smile even as your eyes sparkle with tears.”

Mary Higgins Clark

“It is not surprising that Glenn Plaskin’s innate talents-his insight and human touch-are wonderfully brought to the forefront in his new book KATIE UP AND DOWN THE HALL. It’s a significant story well worth reading-Glenn has done a terrific job.”

-Donald J. Trump

“[Glenn’s] story proves that the true and small pleasures in life-friendship, loyalty and trust-are the ones that matter most.”

-Calvin Klein

“KATIE UP AND DOWN THE HALL is an absolute delight, a lovely book, and, of course, I fell in love with that beautiful little blond girl. She is a keeper.”

Betty White

“Katie is a dream come true to the various families living on her floor in a New York apartment. Her heart is so big that she adopts them all, making you wish you were one of them.”

Mary Tyler Moore

We couldn’t agree more.  This book is one of the best books for pet lovers we have read in a long time.  Make life easy for yourself this holiday season and buy this book for all of the pet lovers on your list and don’t forget one for yourself.  We loved it! Woofy Woo and 4 paws up!


Special Invitation!

Katie Up and Down the Hall

You’re invited to attend a Katie Up and Down the Hall book signing by author Glenn Plaskin hosted by Liz Smith.

Book Signing

Glenn Plaskin

Glenn Plaskin

Meet author Glenn Plaskin at Barnes & Noble NYC for a special event featuring Katie Up and Down the Hall
(Open to the Public).

Where: Barnes & Noble, Tribeca, NY

When: September 16th, 2010 7pm

Liz Smith

Liz Smith

Celebrity Host: Legendary Columnist, Liz Smith

*Barnes & Noble will contribute a percentage of all merchandise purchased from 9/16 to 9/19 to Literacy Partners, a not-for-profit providing free adult and family reading programs, Liz Smith being its Honorary Chairman.

Event includes:

-A Conversation with Liz and Glenn

-A Screening of the Katie Book Trailer

-A Reading From The book


-Get Your Book Autographed


And not least important, meet Glenn’s new puppy, Lucy.

Celebrity Pet Gossip, Playboy’s Holly Madison’s Ferret Frenzy

Former Playboy mansion resident Holly Madison has two little furry ferrets as pets.  Here they are smiling for the camera.

Holly Madison with her ferrets Sid and Nancy

One ferret she received as a gift and the other she adopted. Holly can now be scene in the reality show Holly’s World on E!.

Good luck with your ferrets Holly! They are adorable.