Spot-on flea & tick treatments blamed for bad reactions and deaths in canines

This is the time of year many pet owners enjoy the fresh air, taking long walks and trips with their pets.  Many of us apply monthly flea and tick topical “Spot-on” treatment, conscientiously making sure our fur babies are not subject to nasty ticks and fleas while out romping.  Well, be forewarned, some of these products may be causing other problems with your pooch.

One of our neighbors experienced problems with her bichon frise, who’s skin became red and extremely enflamed.  The poor dog’s skin almost looked burned and she lost fur in the area.  Our neighbor took her pet to the vet and the vet gave her a topical antibiotic/soothing cream and told  her it was caused by the spot on treatment.  As a pet owner, to think that you caused this harm to your pet is emotional torture!

Some of the information we found is below. Click the link at the bottom of the page to read the full article.

An article we read on stated,

“Some popular pet medication may be causing side effects such as seizures, tremors — even death.  The medication is meant to protect, but we found many pet owners complaining about dangerous reactions they say were caused by some flea and tick products.

Amy Vasquez said her dog, Mack, had a bad reaction to a medication.

“He would reach around and bite at himself,” Vasquez said. “He was scratching himself, and wouldn’t stop it.”

Normally, those are signs of either flea or tick bites. But, Vasquez said it was caused by a medication that is supposed to protect dogs from pests.

Vasquez bought Sentry Pro XFC, a spot-on flea and tick product that’s supposed to be applied directly to the pet’s skin.

“[It] had a nice package on it, and I thought it’s the most expensive one. So, it’s probably pretty good.” She said followed the directions.

“You kind of spread the fur and you just put it on about halfway down the back,” Vasquez said. Hours later, Vasquez said Mack was acting strange.

“He was jumping around like something was poking at him. He just wouldn’t sit still. I was like ‘What is wrong with this dog?'” Vasquez said.

Then, she said she looked at the spot where she’d applied the Sentry Pro XFC.

“It looked like the worst sunburn you’d ever seen. It was obvious it was exactly where Id applied it.” Vasquez said. “I gave him a bath, and washed it off. [That] worked until it got dry. Then, it came back. [Mack was] scratching, scratching and scratching. This went on and on until we gave him another bath.”

Vasquez said Mack still wasn’t better even after they gave him multiple baths. Vasquez said she went online, looking for answers. She found hundreds of posts complaining about the same problems.

“And, the other dogs had it worse,” she said.

Among the posts were complaints of vomiting, seizures, burning and open wounds. But, those are just some of the side effects dog owners said some spot-on flea and tick medication has caused.

We received videos and emails from dog owners across the country describing the “horror of watching our loved one suffer.” One e-mail described the pet’s reaction as like “watching them die.”

Many spot-on products use pesticides as the main active ingredient, because it kills pests like fleas and ticks. The products that contain pesticides are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Now, the EPA is taking a close look at what it calls a large and growing number of cases involving spot-on products and reports of side effects such as tremors, seizures — even death.”

Read the full story.

Pet Blogger Support Saturday Salutes “Spot and Fiona”

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend.  Please take time to remember those brave men and women who have served and continue to serve our country.

Congratulations “Spot and Fiona” for being this weeks featured blog on pet blogger support Saturday.  This is an adorable blog from the other side of the pond written by Spot AKA naked cat, Harry Spotter.

Spot looking spiffy in his bowler derby!

“My name is Harry Spotter and I’m a naked cat. I am a Sphynx, no fur, just bald and naked. When I was home for just a few months mom and dad found out I had a heart murmur during a check-up. My first momma was upset that it turned out I had a heart problem, so she offered to take me back but my new momma said -No! They could never give me up, she even offered to give momma a new kitty and keep me too. But, momma said no, not at this time. So, I went to a heart specialst the vet reccommended. I take a human beta-blocker every morning. I am 3 years old and feeling fine-cold but fine. I had a sister Lady Harley that recently passed away at age 14. She was like a momma to me. I miss her. Now life is very lonely for me. Winter is coming on as well. The winter days can be quite boring, sleep, eat, look out the window, sit on mom’s cutting board when she’s not home so I thought why not blog, use some of my awake time to talk about the things that interest me and my life as a cat with no fur in a very cold and windy city, and I live in an old drafty house. You try walking around naked all day. It’s not as easy as you think.”
So do stop on by and show some bloggy love!
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Trendy London Area Doggie Weight Loss Spa Has the Right Idea!

Many of us would really like to “Come back as our pets.” There is a great doggie spa outside of London that understands the emotional and physical needs of our pets!  This spa, doggie camp or crèche as it is referred to, really seems to have the right idea when helping overweight or anxious pets.

Just look at this little pug!  He seems to be loving it! Photo Credit: ISFPHOTOS.COM

We really wouldn’t mind going for a little work out and music therapy with our pets! (Is there a masseuse available?)

Full Story from

‘Being social creatures, dogs left at home alone can become depressed, anxious or even destructive,’ said CDPOM World’s Anna Webb.

‘We offer dogs a rich social and educational experience – much like the best crèches offer children.’

As many as one in three pet dogs are overweight – and only half are walked twice a day.

With its own gym, a stay at the creche can give dogs a new leash of life (Photo: ISFPHOTOS.COM)

But, fortunately for podgy pooches, the centre’s canine treadmill can help dogs burn off that puppy fat – while a pianist gently soothes work-out tensions.

‘Dogs are hugely social and intelligent creatures,’ said Ms Webb.

‘They crave mental stimulation as much as physical exercise – and that can tire a dog much quicker than going for a run. And even the most committed dog owners might want a summer break away from their pet – but sadly not all hotels are dog friendly.’

CDPOM World is located in an old biscuit factory, near Southwark Park in Bermondsey, south-east London.

Pure Inspiration-Woofy Woo!

It isn’t often that you find a blog post that moves you so much, you hope everyone that reads your blog takes pause- or paws tee hee- to really pay attention to your reading recommendation.

This is one of those moments when we really hope you have your ears on good buddy.  The blog post we are recommending is by, “The Bloggess”, one of our bloggy fav’s who really hit the nail on the head about life with this beautiful post. (She is both a dog person and a cat person in case you were wondering.)

Please, please read this post and let us know what you think.

Hopefully it will inspire you to wear your “Red dress”!

Pet People Rock! Woofy Woo and have a great day!

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Cat Pawrent’s Tenacity Led to Happy Reunion

“Never Give Up”…what a great mantra.  Jennifer Meeker, a mom in Washington state lives  by that creedo.  Her tenacity led to a happy reunion with her cat, Diego.  It’s so great to hear news like this.
What a great story from the Peninsula Daily News:
Jennifer Meeker giving Diego a smooch!
Photo: Jeff Chew/Pininsula Daily News
PARADISE BAY — For those who have missing pets, Paradise Bay resident Jennifer Meeker has three simple words of advice: Never give up.
She and her family are celebrating a reunion with their pet cat, Diego, a 2 ½-year-old tabby mix who disappeared Feb. 17 and returned out of nowhere earlier this month after his owner carpeted the area with posters and searched assiduously for him for three months.

Diego came back to their West Alder Street driveway gate with a small scar on his head. He was thinner than he had been.

“I picked him up and knew it was Diego,” Meeker said. “I was just in shock. I couldn’t believe he made it home.

“He conquered so much to get home.”

His journey home was more than 4 miles from Helm Street north of Port Ludlow Bay, south to the Meekers home about 3 miles north of Hood Canal Bridge, off Paradise Bay Road.

Diego was sleeping under wood in the back of Meeker’s husband’s pickup truck on that February day when he drove to a Helm Street job site, unaware that the cat was hiding in the truck bed.

When Ray Meeker started unloading the truck, a frightened Diego bolted from the vehicle and quickly vanished like only a silent-moving feline can do.

That’s when Jennifer Meeker, who rescues pet bunnies and other animals, launched headlong into a campaign to find Diego, knocking on doors from Port Ludlow southward and putting up 150 posters with Diego’s picture on them everywhere she could.

While she feared the worst — coyote attacks and other dangerous encounters — Meeker said she spent six hours going house to house in Port Ludlow neighborhood where Diego was lost.

“I talked to everyone,” she said.

She went to the Jefferson County Animal Shelter in Port Townsend and even as far south as Silverdale to put up posters where Port Ludlow residents and others often shop.

She also posted a notice on the website Craigslist.

“Every single day for three solid weeks I spent combing the streets,” she said, enlisting the help of her daughter Haylee, 4, and son, Taylor, 6.

She talked to people in Chimacum.

“I am very passionate about animals,” she said. “To give up on a pet to me is like giving up on a child.”

Her relentless search continued to the point that people would recognize her and ask about the search for Diego.

She was phoned periodically from people in the area, including people at Port Ludlow Golf Course, who thought they spotted the wayward cat.

“Once I got a call from someone who found a stray cat that looked just like Diego,” she said, adding she used a cat trap to catch the cat, but found out it was a female.

She ended up adopting the cat, Dora, who is now living with Diego and the Meekers’ two other felines.

Meeker celebrated the week by putting up balloons and signs proclaiming, “Diego is Home,” to announce the good news.

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National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Our little calendar has “National Dog Bite Prevention Week” listed May 16-22, last week.  We checked out the site to see what exactly the week is about.  We clicked the link on their site and it took us to which is the American Veterinary Medical Association Site.  The site states nothing about National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

With that said, we thought we would take matters into our own hands.  So for the greater good of pets and peeps everywhere, don’t let your dog bite anyone or any pet, ever. There you go, plain and simple.  Keep yourself and your pets out of harms way.  Be aware of your surroundings when out with your pet, no matter where you are.  Walk away from a potentially dangerous situation. All we are saying is give peace a chance. Join paws together and sing “Kumbaya”.  Celebrate good times, come on.

Richard Gere stars in reality movie, “My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story”

Richard Gere is one of many stars featured in a new movie, “My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story” which explores the relationship between dog and owner.  A host of other stars appear with their pooches as well including, Richard Belzer, Edie DiFalco, Glenn Close and designer Isaac Mizrahi.

The NY Posts reports that the intensity of the relationships between dog and owner surprised the films producers.

Well Pet Peeps, we wouldn’t be surprised at all, would we?

The movie is being released via DVD today.

Full NY Post Article below or click this link:

Richard Gere meditates with his dog, Billie and Glenn Close hides liver treats behind pillows for her two pups, Charlie and Jake. These are just a few of the canine-centric confessions revealed in the documentary “My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story,” out on DVD Tuesday, and featuring an array of actors, athletes, musicians and writers divulging details about their devoted pups.

The idea for the film came during a script meeting between Gere and director Mark St. Germain, who knows Gere from his work on another dog-focused movie, “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story.”

Richard Gere, wife Carey Lowell with their dog, Billie. Photo: New York Post

Richard Gere and wife Carey Lowell cuddle their dog Billie..

When Gere’s dog, Billie, entered the room, Gere was a different man, says St. Germain. “He was totally unguarded,” he says. “Everyone has a relationship with their dog, but for people in public life, it’s different. They can really relax around their dogs in a way they can’t around people.”

So he and producer Daryl Roth searched through their Rolodexes for famous pup-loving pals and set out to make the documentary. They ended up with more than 20 recognizable names and faces, and St. Germain spent a half-day or more with each one, hanging out on penthouse patios or strolling the grounds of country homes.

“The intensity of their feelings for their dogs surprised me at times,” says St. Germain. “When Chris Meloni talks about the loss of his miniature schnauzer in high school, he was back in that moment, reliving it. I could tell that was painful for him.”

Meloni had just rescued his dog, Frida, when he agreed to participate in the film: “[Co-star] Richard Belzer, who has an almost creepy love affair with his dog, enlisted me,” says Meloni.

Watching the film a year later, he realized how his relationship with Frida has changed. “We were getting to know each other then. Now, she looks at me with these eyes and wags her tail. That dog loves me like crazy.”

Belzer has no shame in showing his “love affair” with Bebe, his poodle-terrier mix whom he brings everywhere — to work, to premieres, to restaurants. “The dog is becoming more famous than I am,” Belzer says in one scene. “He’s been in TV Guide, he’s been in Page Six, he has Web sites devoted to him.”

Close’s pups, Charlie and Jake, also come with her to work on “Damages,” and Edie Falco’s dog, Marley, was on the “Sopranos” set every day.

Designer Isaac Mizrahi provides many of the film’s funniest moments, particularly when he explains what a psychic once told him about his past life with his dog Harry: “She said we were nuns together in 17th-century Spain.”

The film also has many touching scenes, particularly those documenting the relationship between late actress Lynn Redgrave and her dog, Viola. Redgrave, who battled breast cancer for seven years until she passed away earlier this month, adopted Viola as a companion during her treatment, and often took her to plays and movies.

Similarly, Didi Conn, best known for playing “Frenchie” in “Grease,” shares how her family’s Old English sheepdog, Madeline, changed the life of her autistic son, Danny.

“Danny has so much going on in his head, so having the responsibility of a dog has been so good for him,” Conn explains. It also led Danny to a job at a local grooming facility. “He has a phenomenal memory of dogs’ names and breeds,” Conn adds.

While the movie celebrates a dog’s unquestioning love, it also makes you wonder whether pups are really so starry-eyed about their owners. In one scene, poet Billy Collins’ dog, Jeanine, gets up and walks away while Collins reads from his work. “What kind of poetry dog are you?” Collins playfully scolds.

But Meloni figures his shortcomings are covered: “She has crapped on my carpets so often, I think it’s even,” he says.

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Another Tragedy for the Travoltas

The Bangor Daily News reports yet another tragedy for the Travolta family:

“Two dogs that belonged to actor John Travolta and his family were accidentally struck and killed on the tarmac early last Thursday morning by an employee at Bangor International Airport, according to city officials.

An e-mail sent late last week by Bangor Interim City Manager Bob Farrar to the nine city councilors, which was obtained by the Bangor Daily News, confirmed the accident.

Asked to verify the details contained in that e-mail, the city released this statement:

At approximately 1 a.m. on Thursday, May 13, 2010, an airplane carrying members of the John Travolta family landed at BIA. While there, two small dogs were taken for a walk by someone who is not a family member. An airport service pickup truck was approaching the airplane to service the airplane and did not see the dogs. Unfortunately, the dogs were struck and killed. The airport is investigating the accident. Out of respect for the family’s privacy the city will make no further comment.”

On the bright side, the Star Magazine just reported that Kelly Preston Travolta, age 47 is now pregnant and the Travolta’s are calling it a miracle pregnancy.