Princess The Camel Predicts Super Bowl 2010, 44, XLIV & PPZ Update

We had so much fun visiting Princess the Camel!  She is so adorable and has big, brown, kind eyes.  In celebration of the Super Bowl, she predicts the outcome of the game.

Other Popcorn Park Zoo News

On a sad note, John Bergman, Director of the Popcorn Park Zoo,  informed us of Gina the Tiger’s passing.  You may remember Gina from the Big Cat Rescue Episode.  John and the staff at the zoo did everything they could to diagnose Gina using both conventional medicine and animal communicators.  An animal communicator spoke with Gina and with her enclosure mate Dante. 

Gina told the animal communicator that she knew she was very ill and that she would be crossing over soon.  She was fine with moving on.  Dante understood that is was Gina’s time to go and requested to see her body after she had passed. John and the staff made sure his request was honored.

Post mortem results showed that Gina had tumors throughout her body. May you rest in peace dear Gina the Tiger.  Thank you for sharing your story and exposing a “canned” Tiger hunt to the world.  The world is a better place because you were here.  Special kudos to John and his staff for using “unconventional” medicine to further understand the needs of animals.

To view the Big Cat Rescue Episode, go to

Something for Nothing! For Real!

Times are hard!on

Who said you get what you pay for? This store is celebrating it's 1 year anniversary with free hi-5's all day long! Whoot!

A store in Belmar, NJ celebrates it’s 1st anniversary by giving customers free Hi-5’s all day long!  Who said you can’t get something for nothing?  Click to enlarge.

The Mighty Blue Heron

Blue Heron on
A Blue Heron searching for fish inbetween Ocean Grove and Asbury Park, NJ

On a cool winter’s day the mighty blue heron searches for food in Wesley Lake inbetween Ocean Grove and Asbury Park, NJ.

This picture was posted to give you a little zen today!
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You know you ARE a “Cat Person” when…

The Bloggess on brushing her teeth with her cat on her head

You can brush your teeth with your cat on your head...and have a camera ready to take pictures of the event.

This is impressive!  You may recognize one of our most favorite funny bloggers, “The Bloggess” as she IS a “Cat Person”.  Not only can she brush her teeth with her cat on her head, but she has a tripod and camera set up in the bathroom to capture said event.

You know, we believe her cat could be styled into a “Bumpits” with a “Live” pony tail swinging about. Snooki, you are not the only one ready for the Jersey Shore this summer! ME-OUCH!

You know you are not a “Cat Person” when…

You know you are not a “Cat Person” when you:

a) Can’t read the “pre-claw” meow of put me down now reporter lady!

b) Rub a cat on his back like you are scratching a dog’s ears

c) Tell your viewing audience, “This little guy is having fun” right before…well, watch and see

D) All of the above

E) All of the above and, you never saw it coming!

So, do you think she will be the first choice for the assignment editor for the next animal story?

One Animal At A Time

When we say we can change the world one animal at a time, we mean it.   

The story below was emailed to us by our friend Kelly  at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary.   

Today  I got a call from my neighbor letting us know that there is a swan in the middle of the road in Johnsonburg.  I thought to my self..Sunday morning, 8am..give it a while and she will move on.  But, 2 hours comes another neighbor..”Hurry, hurry!  The swan almost got hit by a car!’

So, off we go to get the swan.

It seems she/he must have gotten frozen somewhere and lost some of its flight we catch it and bring it back to antler ridge. After a few hours of observation the swan is fine, just needs to be on a pond.  So I called Melinda and she said “Of course!’

Here is the swan on Melinda’s pond for recovery. Signed Kelly…just another day at Antler Ridge


Antler Ridge on

Concerned people, just like you, making a difference one animal, one rescue at a time.