2 Dogs 2000 Miles, The Last Mile

If you have been following the story of Hudson, Murphy and their Poppie Peep Luke, you know that this fearless trio are walking, yes walking from Austin to Boston to raise awareness for canine cancer.  We featured them an episode of our show as well.  The trip was spawned by Luke’s love for his dog, Malcolm, who crossed to the Rainbow Bridge after he lost his battle with cancer.  

We really were touched by Luke’s story and we were lucky enough to meet him at a fundraiser in NJ, sponsored by another couple the McGarvey’s, who were also featured in the episode.   They are going to continue fundraising and  planed a fundraiser this year on September 18, at the Dog Park on Chews Landing Rd. in Camden County, NJ.  Darlene will be guest posting here soon with more information.

From a personal standpoint, it was by far the most difficult interview for us, as it was incredibly emotional.  Having lost 2 of our wonderful “Pound Puppy” rescues; a German Shepard, Max and our Fox Hound Mix, Frisky to cancer some years ago, it was difficult to maintain our composure. (AKA-  wanted to cry buckets!)

Well, now Hudson, Murphy and Luke are making their way up to Boston and they are having a three day event starting June 18 to continue the fundraising and commemorate the end of their journey.  You can register to walk the last mile of the trip with them and help raise some funds or donate an item for their auction. Here is the link to their site- http://www.2dogs2000miles.org for more information.

Woofy Woo continued good luck to Luke, Hudson and Murphy.  We suspect their guardian angel dog Malcolm will shepard them through the rest of their journey, while he wags his tail from the Rainbow Bridge.

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