10 Things Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat.

Candy is dandy but not for your dog, Sandy. Photo shared through Morguefile.

As we researched pet food and treat recipes, we came across many articles with varying ingredients.  The question arose, “What is healthy for my pet to eat and what will be harmful?”  Thus begun the quest for do’s and don’ts of pet Nutrition and optimizing what is best.

So today let’s start with “No, No” ingredients

According to various sources, dogs should not have foods containing:

-Grapes and Raisins- Can damage the kidneys

-Garlic, Onions- Contain sulfates and dioxins which can lower red blood cell counts and cause anemia.

 -Chocolate, Coffe & Tea- among other things, they contain caffeine which can affect the heart and nervous system.

-Raw Eggs and Raw Fish- besides Salmonella from eggs, and parasites from fish, they can impede the absorption of vitamin B which can lead to hair and coat problems.

-Milk- Some dogs do not have enough  of an enzyme called lactase, which helps digest the milk.  Like people, some dogs are lactose intolerant.

-Mushrooms- Contain toxins which can cause your dog to go into shock.

Stay tuned for continuing information on our ongoing exploration of pet nutrition.

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One thought on “10 Things Your Dog Shouldn’t Eat.

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