“Small Triumph” Good News for Traveling Pets! Frontier Airlines Allowing Small Pets In The Front of the Plane.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines

A small triumph for those who want to fly with their pets in the cabin on Frontier Airlines, now you can!

The new policy covers several different types of small animals including guinea pigs and birds.  We wonder what it would be like to carry a bird through TSA Security, probably not a lot of fun, but the option is there if you would like to take your pets with you.  Honestly, we couldn’t imagine taking our dogs Cha and Phil through security in Newark Liberty Airport.  It’s traumatic enough for us.   The pushing, shoving, noise and the rush…shoes off, computer out, dogs on the conveyer belt…oops no dogs on the conveyer belt.  It just doesn’t seem all that appealing.

There are pros and cons to air travel with any pet, we completely understand.  There are airlines devoted to pet travel, such as Pet Airways.

From Frontier Airlines Press Release:

“Spot and Fluffy are welcome again to fly in style in the passenger cabins of Frontier Airlines.

Under the new Frontier policy, small pets may ride in the passenger cabins, instead of being consigned with the freight to cargo bays in the belly or tail of airplanes.

For a $75 one-way fare, pets can curl up in an animal carrier small enough to slide under an airplane seat, probably at the feet of the owner.

The policy applies to small dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, household birds and some other pets, but not snakes, spiders and other pets that could run amok. Larger pets still fly with cargo for $150.

“We have spent a lot of time listening to our customers and determining what would make their travel experience even better,” Ian Arthur, vice president of marketing and branding for Frontier and Republic Airways, said in a news release.

“We received a lot of feedback on our policy and determined that pets would be a welcome addition to the Frontier travel experience.”

Frontier is known for its advertisements for Larry the Lynx, Grizwald the Grizzly Bear and 71 other “spokesanimals” painted on the tails of its aircraft.

Owned by Indianapolis-based Republic Airways Holdings, Frontier has several daily flights through Indianapolis International Airport.

The policy change comes as most airlines are looking for new fees to boost revenues, such as charging for carry-on baggage.

The pet fare isn’t expected to be a big revenue source but rather is a service that passengers have been requesting, said airline spokesman Carlo Bertolini.

Pet carriers will be counted as a passenger’s single piece of free carry-on luggage, though a passenger may also carry one small personal item.

Frontier let pets fly in the passenger cabin before 2008 but discontinued the policy.”

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